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I know many of you are confused with timeline but i explain you what it looks like in short...

(alternative image link - http://s22.postimg.org/s2404a6v3/XMENTIMELINE.png)

Wolverine meets with Young Xavier, Magneto, Mystique and Beast 31 years before X-Men Events in 2004. This alone prevents Everything.

1)Wolverine will have bone claws - Wolverine: Origins event is prevented.

2)Wolverine half-brother Victor Creed is ALIVE(Prevented X-Men)

3)Stryker is alive(prevented X-Men 2)

4)Because everything else was prevented and changed - X-Men 1, 2 and 3 never happens - Jean Grey and Cyclops are alive

5)Wolverine Japan - never happens

So yeah, Days of Future Past is going to change everything. 1 change can change everything.

Because in original timeline Victor Creed dies in X-Men 1(Sabretooth) and Stryker dies in X-Men 2. Now when we have Alternative timeline, this means X-Men 1 and X-Men 2 movie never happened, this means Victor Creed and Stryker are both alive in new future timeline.

What you think?

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Where's Deadpool?

Well I guess this is a fancy way of doing a reboot but it still doesn't explain how Professor Xavier was paralyzed in the end of Xmen: First Class where as Professor Xavier was walking fine in the beginning of Last Stand.

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Ellen Page is in it.

Day 1.

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@leviathan91 said:

Where's Deadpool?

Hopefully they are smart enough not to shoe horn over rated characters into this flick

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I really hope this is what's happening. I'd like to forget Last Stand exists.

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Yes, Last Stand was horrible. I didn't like how they mashed characters in First Class (Emma Frost, Havoc, Mystique, etc) but whatever.

I also hope the end of this movie results in a AoA timeline. Would like to see a long haired one-eyed Cyclops and one hand Wolverine.

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