WTF this new site sucks

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My fucking profile is completely gone. All of my tracked games, images, my profile background and custom banner. Even my avatar is gone and I can't choose another avatar. I can't even upload any images. All of the wallpapers, over 100 that I've uploaded are all gone. And this new site has so many bugs, I have to spray raid on my computer screen. I'm so fucking pissed right now, I hate this shit. If gamespot doesn't fix this fucking disaster them I'm switching to IGN and Amazon.

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amazon has forums?

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Haha, it's a video game website, nothing to get upset about.

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Do us all a favor and leave, now. Just go. No one cares.

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I know but this is my #1 favorite gaming site. Gamespot should have launched a beta for this new site before making this major change.

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@MrCoolGuy420: It did have a beta before they made the change. Only active users got the invite for the the beta test though....

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@MrCoolGuy420: They had a closed beta, however a closed beta can't replicate a live change with thousands of users and 17 years worth of data, so there was bound to be issues. At this point we just have to be patient and wait for the development staff to iron out the problems.

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I'm usually the type to embrace change and chalk it up to progress, but this new site is garbage.The features that drew me to this site are now gone. Tracked games are gone. I've been coming to this site since the 90's. That's probably not going to happen anymore...

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The only thing that cheers me up right now is watching how people are more pissed off about this shit site than I am..............................

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Yep, site sucks. Bugs freaking everywhere. All kinds of things that just flat-out don't work.

People are blind or in complete denial if they can't see it.

And before you start the rhetoric that I've heard from GameSpot fanboys already, no, it's not understandable. This why you preview and test things before you launch them.

A few bugs here or there is completely understandable. But not to this level. This is just plain lazy. It's not like they couldn't keep the old site open a while longer while they fixed the bugs.

And why is there no Legacy Platforms board anymore?

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It's a bit early to get upset over things, I imagine they are upgrading things in stages to minimize bugs and make it easier to fix them as they arrive. It'll take some time, but hopefully in a few months things are back to a more normal state. :)

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The forums seem like they could potentially be ok, but as of right now, they are shit. They're like a poorman's Giant Bomb. I know the two sites are run by the same people now, but they could've at least tried to keep the forums slightly original.

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I want my fucking Bulbasaur avatar.

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Things will take some getting used to and I'm sure there will be PLENTY of feedback from users.

I'm updating what I can at the moment, but I also understand that the website is under heavy strain.

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Right there with ya, buddy. The site is slow, it's ugly, and just in general disorganized.

This doesn't seem like it was such a great upgrade to me...

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Yeah, it does suck. No legacy board, no sports board, my gameslist is a mess, and I don't know if you can even view it by platform anymore.

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We all want our avys back, but we're just going to have to be patient................................

Or just go to Lai's Corner...........The best place on the internet.....................

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I didn't enjoy the new look, did gamespot try to check with the community which kind of layout would we expect ?

Looks like i lost my levels also, no more leveling ?

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If it was any slower, it would be going back in time.

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I don't know where the last two pages of posts went.

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Rather than posting a hateful rant, it'd be a lot more beneficial to report any bugs you encounter on the Bug Reporting & Feedback board, and give some time for the devs to iron out the kinks. The redesigned site has only been live for a handful of hours, so issues are naturally bound to arise. We appreciate your patience and (constructive) feedback!