Would you try to save Data or a robot looking like a Vacuum?

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If you were given a choice, which one would you pull the plug, effectively kill. Data from Star Trek or these utility droids in Star Wars.

When I mean vacuum cleaner, I am referring to something that doesn't have a human like shape, like the bottom picture.

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Data, because it looks Human and can speak.

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I'd probably pick Data but not Lore or B2 (last STTNG movie) even if they did look human. I'd definitely rescue Dorrien but not the robotic creepy cop droids (Almost Human).

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i would save Data, Lt. Yar says he's a beast in the sack.

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Those droids look like r2d2 and t3m4 from KOTOR

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Out of those choices I'd save the vacuum cleaner. I think it would be more useful to me overall. Now if we were to throw EDI (from Mass Effect 3) into the question.....

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No no no, safe Data, hes more human than alot of people in the world!

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I'd save Data. He's my friend.

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...seriously though, if you had access to the Star Trek universe then why stop there, I'd slap you and say we're going to the simulation room and simulating a harem with the hottest bitches this side of Adromeda.