Would you live without electricity for a year for a million bucks?

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I don't think I could do that. I'd go insane if I had to go off the grid for that long


Hmm I think I could do it. I would spend my time reading books and working out.

For a year?
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HELL YEAH! it would be hard to adjust but after the first month it would be fine.
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I'd read books, study, work out and socialize more. And get money for it? Hell yes. Where do I sign? I'd have money, I'd be healthier, better looking, smarter...I really fail to see the downside in this deal to be honest.
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Wouldn't hurt to try..

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It would be difficult, but yes. I'd at least give it a try.
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At first, I was thinking 'Damn, that would be so hard', but then I realised that there are plenty of outdoor activities to do and books to read, so yeah I would.

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Definitely could if the climate was right. Murderstyle75
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Hmmm. With a million dollars I do a lot of things that doesn't involve electricity like travelling, hiking, camping etc. But still, for an entire year. That'd be tough.
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If i had access to copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, then definately yes.

otherwise, no. At the very least i would need to have music to tide me over.

This is a good response lol.
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Yes, easily. I love the outdoors, love treking and camping, love being in the middle of nowhere building my own fires and finding my own food.Only problem would be coming back to civilization, a million dollars would make that rather easy in the end.

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Yeah I'd use music and books to occupy my time .
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We had a blackout for a few days some years ago, it was actually refreshing.