Would you ever interview a mentally disturbed individual?

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#1 Posted by dragonlife29 (14543 posts) -
To be honest, I want to take my research on psychology to another level and actually interview someone in psychiatric care/wards--with someone there, of course. I'd like to interview a cannibal and/or a murderer (from outside the glass...) and ask how they felt when they did what they did, and describe what they did to one of their victims (this, in turn, would help me with something else).

What about you guys? Well, the ones who like psychology and all that. And, have any of you actually ever interviewed someone? If so, would you mind sharing the interview?
#2 Posted by KrayzieJ (3283 posts) -
sure. it would be interesting to see how one would act
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sure. it would be interesting to see how one would actKrayzieJ
I want to see their expressions, truth be told.
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I would. I'd find what really makes him mad and just keep saying it to him.
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last night on msnbc they played the final interview with jeffrey dalmer - to me he didn't seem like all that bad of a guy - then I remember that independent film about him - "if someone goes down on you in the dark - you can't tell if it's a man or a woman" was the line that stuck from that movie
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I spent three weeks in a psychiatric ward. Interview me! :D