Would you date Paris Hilton ?

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#51 Posted by konvikt_17 (22253 posts) -

I've never met her so I couldn't really say michael_1234576

your new sig is awesome

#52 Posted by Darthkaiser (12447 posts) -
yea cause she's rich Bucked20
#53 Posted by Chow_Mein_Kampf (6651 posts) -

I would only have super sex with her.MgamerBD

And maybe get a couple of bucks..................

#54 Posted by Optical_Order (5100 posts) -

If I receive some monetary benefits in return..?

Sure, why not. I'll bite the bullet. 

#55 Posted by famicommander (8524 posts) -
I try to spend as little time with stupid people as possible. Usually I end up saying something mean before too long. So, no.
#57 Posted by Gaming-Planet (14022 posts) -

She's gross in every aspect. 

#58 Posted by Mink (1788 posts) -
No because then i'd just be famous for being the chick dating paris hilton, and that isn't a good type of fame.
#59 Posted by NaveedLife (17179 posts) -

In terms of personality - no way

In terms of looks - no f***king way!


#60 Posted by rocinante_ (1666 posts) -

i instinctively thought no...but after thinkin bout it, i could mooch some of her money n then break it off whenever i had enough. plus, sex

#61 Posted by ToastRider11 (2573 posts) -

I'd bang her but that's about it.

#62 Posted by tocool340 (20548 posts) -
Only for a one night stand....
#63 Posted by TheFlush (5565 posts) -

No. Because she is an ugly skank and not a hot guy.

#64 Posted by Toph_Girl250 (47695 posts) -
no point in answering this question unless youre better looking that this guyJustSignedUp
Yurgh, I wouldn't touch that guy with a ten foot pole. As for Paris Hilton, uh... noooooope. :P
#65 Posted by indzman (18144 posts) -

As for Paris Hilton, uh... noooooope. :PToph_Girl250

I thought you liked blondes :P

#66 Posted by m25105 (3135 posts) -
She's loaded, be her boy toy for a week and get expensive presents that you can sell later on. So yes, I would. Just make sure to out the lights.
#67 Posted by sukraj (23060 posts) -


#68 Posted by Horgen (110151 posts) -
No. GF would go crazy if I did.
#69 Posted by chaoscougar1 (36824 posts) -
No I find her kind of repulsive
#70 Posted by VaguelyTagged (10185 posts) -

i don't hate her as much as some people do, i'd give it a try, yes.

#71 Posted by gameboy343 (1024 posts) -

i think i'd rather kill yourself.