Would you date a stronger female ?

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Would you date a female more athletic than you ? Post a picture or name of who you would date that stronger then you.

I sure would, that would be kinda hard to find since i'm a pretty strong guy, but hellz yeah i would. I gotta say Ronda Rousey is as athletic as they come, she is very sexy and strong in my opinion. Just check out this fight here against Miesha Tate, they both hecka strong. Ronda has a great fight coming up this Saturday too.



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I'd prefer to date a stronger female. 'Tis what I like.

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Athletic yeah, as long as they're not notably muscular.

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rocky balboa

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@Shottayouth13- said:

Athletic yeah, as long as they're not notably muscular.

You mean as long as they don't have more muscle then you, lol ..

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I like my women short and stacked. I call them "mini tanks." Crush me, baby!

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nope just like i wouldnt date a girl who was taller then me. like what would happen if we got into a fight?

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@-Renegade said:

nope just like i wouldnt date a girl who was taller then me.

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Hells yeah. I have several types and the tall athletic/slim/strong type is one of them. She would be taller than me of course (well, everyone is taller than me cos I'm 5'1).

Having really visible abs/six pack is a bit too much though. Don't want a girl THAT athletic.

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Lol no.

My male ego wouldn't be able to take being beaten by my girlfriend for bad behaviour.

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Sure, if I thought she was attractive and enjoyable to be around. Also, for all those people scared of being injured by their girlfriends - it's not like smaller women are harmless and helpless things who can't take a knife and slit your throat or something.

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I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with it, but it would be pretty hard to find a girl stronger than me. Though honestly, as a guy who goes to a gym to train in several martial arts, I do know a few attractive girls who are really strong, and from what I know of those girls, they don't typically date males who aren't noticeably stronger than them.

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Badass chicks turn me on.

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@Gaming-Planet said:

Badass chicks turn me on.

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Yeah i would, I like athletic females its a nice attribute. If she is more muscular, it would be a bit of a turn off, but hey, she could carry me around and protect me from muggers and shit.

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I pretty sure any girl who's somewhat active is stronger than me. I'm a pretty big wimp.

So if I had a problem with them being stronger than me it'd be cutting my options down quite a bit.

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only if she can dominate me into submission LOL !

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@indzman said:

only if she can dominate me into submission LOL !

That my friend is one of the big bonuses of dating a stronger chick, lol ..

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I thought men considered strong women a threat to their own manly role.. p:

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ill take what i can get. within reason

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I wouldn't date a super muscular girl, I just think that's straight up gross.

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Would depend on wether we'd share some of the same interests and I liked her personality.

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I'm very much in to health and fitness, so an athletic girl definitely appeals to me.

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Sure, as long as they're not too muscular and they still have a womanly figure. I know girls who go to the gym all the time yet they're still nowhere near as strong as me (someone who's never stepped foot in a gym).

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Sure, within reason. I'm fairly fit myself, but I wouldn't be intimidated if a women was physically strong, as long as she still had a women's figure (ex, her breasts haven't been swallowed by pectoral muscles). What would bother me though is if she was a gym nut who's whole life revolved around being fit and exercising. I find gym nuts in general highly annoying.