Worst Community episode ever is the origin story one. SPOILS

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At least for me.

It totally takes a s*** on the entire goddamn premise of the show.

Seriously season 4 wasn't even that bad except for that, why writers why. That Jeff meeting his father episode was actually kinda nice development and growth.

But this episode... seriously the worst.

Why the f*** would Shirley and her husband not both go to pick up their kids, that scene literally made no sense whatsoever.

And there's so much contrived s*** like that in the episode.

I will admit though that Troy, once again, has a hilarious moment stealer in an otherwise abysmal episode: "I had to smile when I didn't feel like smiling. It hurts my mouth..."

Oh my god Annie's reaction and Troy's delivery just... just kills me. Kills.

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I seriously want to hear commentary on what the actors thought of that episode, especially after the recent interviews on season 4 from joel mchale and Abed.