Why would you lock my topic?

This topic is locked from further discussion.

#1 Posted by AussieePet (11424 posts) -

It was open for discussion? Yet you let trolls post their troll topics

#2 Posted by lostrib (34512 posts) -

Probably because it was stupid

#3 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -

You gotta ask in the mod section bruh.

#4 Posted by Hallenbeck77 (14400 posts) -

Even some of the more questionable users here make more of an effort to generate some sort of discussion than simply posting a single random thought.

If you think I'm unfair in closing the thread, you're more than welcome to let the mod team know.

#5 Posted by JP_ (12839 posts) -

@AussieePet: Hi Aussie,

as my fellow Mod Al_Bundy77 said if you feel the Closing of your thread was Unjust then click Contact the Mods