Why would anyone throw this.....

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#1 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

Walking home the other day,i found Master Chief's helmet thrown near the trash....

It's this one.



Why would someone throw it????

#2 Posted by 8-Bitterness (3707 posts) -
It's probably loaded with aids.
#3 Posted by CreasianDevaili (4179 posts) -
The master chief helmet that has enough space inside to hold 3 game cases? That cheap plastic thing? The only person I know who still has one keeps his stash of wonka taffy in it.
#4 Posted by -Renegade (8340 posts) -
the real question is why would you keep it?
#5 Posted by meconate (10476 posts) -
Umm... Because it's worthless...
#6 Posted by GazaAli (23279 posts) -
I'd imagine its soaked with semen and pu$$y fluids.
#7 Posted by LJS9502_basic (151707 posts) -
I'd imagine its soaked fluids.GazaAli
Getting a little too carried away with your fantasies dude....