Why life is better without bacon

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#1 Posted by feared4power (621 posts) -

You probably won't be surprised to learn that 68% of bacon's calories come from fat, almost half of which is saturated. Each ounce of bacon contributes 30 milligrams of cholesterol (not to mention the cholesterol from the eggs that often accompany bacon.

Eating foods rich in saturated fats can raise your cholesterol levels, increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke. And if those saturated fat-rich foods are also high in dietary cholesterol, cholesterol levels tend to rise even higher.

The American Heart Association recommends limiting saturated fat to less than 7% of your total calories (thats less than 16 daily grams of saturated fat for someone eating 2,000 calories a day).

But here's the bad news: When it comes to increasing the risk for certain cancers, things get downright scary for bacon lovers. Not only is bacon considered a red meat, its also a member of the dreaded "processed meat" group (even turkey bacon falls into this category. And NO amount of processed meat is considered safe to eat, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.

#2 Posted by SuperNovaftw (2636 posts) -

Cool bro. I dont eat Bacon and prok too I dont mind others eating it unless it stays away from me :D


tbh alot of other foods are very unhealthy 

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Well yeah, meat in general isn't very good for you.
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This thread made me change my ways and I will stop eatting bacon
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If you lived your life based on the statistics of being harmed, you should never, EVER go home.

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I'm going to go with my own reasoning: "Bacon makes your blood greasier meaning it moves through your veins easier". And I don't care what you say that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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Im getting hungry for bacon

#10 Posted by sSubZerOo (43329 posts) -

Cool bro. I dont eat Bacon and prok too I dont mind others eating it unless it stays away from me :D


tbh alot of other foods are very unhealthy 


  You do realize cuts like pork tenderloin are actually leaner than the majority of beef cuts, right?

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Well yeah, meat in general isn't very good for you.ghoklebutter
well that's not true at all
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I never eat bacon. It's just not healthy. I would love to eat more bacon, but it's just not healthy at all.

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I eat bacon maybe once a year basically so that's nice. 

#14 Posted by Necrifer (10629 posts) -

I don't think you understand just how good life is WITH bacon.

#15 Posted by themajormayor (25912 posts) -
Cause it taste bad
#16 Posted by Bucked20 (6951 posts) -
Bacon on a nice juicy burger >>>
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Cause it taste badthemajormayor

Ok now this is herasey. 

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[QUOTE="themajormayor"]Cause it taste badWasdie

Ok now this is herasey. 

Obviously he is not an earthling, we need to exile him
#19 Posted by jim_shorts (7320 posts) -

I avoid bacon for those reasons.  I haven't had any in a long time and I'm not missing it much.

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I don't usually like meat so I don't really eat bacon
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Yeah, no it's not.
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I've never really liked bacon, and I have no need for it or any other meat.

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This thread needs more bacon.

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I eat bacon pretty much everyday.... and im skinny......... skinny without working out....
#25 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

let me get you in touch with bud at my job. he get you all moved over to go ALL turkey

turkey bacon

turkey tacos

turkey coneys

turkey burger


SHOOT he show up at the bar with some home made turkey jerky

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TC learn how make a poll. Fool us with options that only lead one way
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I don't eat bacon....don't care what others do. Though if the government is getting involved in health care...maybe bacon should be banned.:o
#28 Posted by HouseMuzik4Life (134 posts) -
I don't usually like meat so I don't really eat bacon Legolas_Katarn
I always assume dudes who dont eat meat ironically love meat...
#29 Posted by soulless4now (41381 posts) -

Bacon is good, but I like sasausge better. 

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I eat bacon, not often but I do eat it.. and I will continue to eat it. Don't care if it's "not healthy".
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drinks a bacon milkshake.
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I'll keep eating bacon. It's too delicious to stop.

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I choose bacon. 

#35 Posted by Explosive_Bagel (156 posts) -
I ate bacon everyday the entire month of July in 2012.
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I eat bacon, but not all that much.

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Cool bro

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My great grandpa had bacon, eggs and toast every day of his working life for breakfast and he didn't die until he was 95 and got hit buy a bus.  I don't think bacon is bad for you as long as you are healthy in other ways.  

#39 Posted by DJ_Lae (42748 posts) -
I'm unsure if I'm more weirded out by the copy/paste attempt at fearmongering or the complete lack of a pro-bacon choice in the poll. Sodium nitrate for life.
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"This thread made me change my ways and I will stop eatting bacon"

#41 Posted by hippiesanta (9915 posts) -
this article is the reason that the muslims and the jews should unite together ........
#42 Posted by Mkavanaugh77 (20852 posts) -
Bacon tastes great, I would eat it everyday If I didnt care about my health. But I work out 5 days a week and need to eat foods that are low in fat, low in sodium, low in calories etc... to make my workouts worth it. Bacon is high in all of those and does not provide any nutrition for me, so I dont eat it.
#43 Posted by dagreenfish (1817 posts) -
Nothing is better without bacon,
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Uhm, no. Go home, you're drunk. Do you even up?
#46 Posted by leviathan91 (7763 posts) -

You know something fascinating?

I don't care. Bacon is great, this thread is stupid, and bacon for all!

This thread is now a bacon party.

#47 Posted by Bikouchu35 (7490 posts) -

Alright you have me convinced. Time to switch to equestrian burgers.

#48 Posted by Riverwolf007 (23906 posts) -

this has inspired me to smoke filterless cigarettes and eat bacon at the same time.

seriously though why even bother extending your miserable ass life if you are not going to use that time to do what you like to do?

yay,  my long life was punctuated with long bouts of not getting to enjoy anything,  yay,  how awesome for me and my long ass life that was joyless and austere yayyyyy.

yay, i made it all the way to the dialysis and adult diaper years,  boy look at how all those years of denying myself   paid off for me, yayyyyy.

#49 Posted by kraken2109 (13125 posts) -

1 sided poll much, where's the I don't care i like bacon option?

And what are your sources anyway? Because there's a huge difference between dirt cheap bacon and nice bacon from a bucher.

#50 Posted by WhiteKnight77 (12018 posts) -
One sided poll is one sided. I love bacon and will not stop eating it. Ever.