Why is Game more expensive than ASDA, Tesco or Currys?

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Hi. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that Game in the UK seem to actually have the worst deals in gaming most of the time? Looking at all the Xbox one and Ps4 titles, they're 10% and more expensive and offer the most restrictive deals on all consoles compared to shops that also sell, fruit! I've trusted that these guys are the best deals because they specialize in games but I found out that CEX offer much better trade-ins than Game and Game don't even offer any explanation. Theres even a Facebook page called "cheaper than Game" that I joined that compare deals and Game are always last on the list. Shouldn't they be like, the "Go to" guys for games? I hear from the mums and dads at the schools how they spent over £1000 on their kids Christmases there and looking at their deals, I found much cheaper and better deals in Tesco next door. Game used to be a great place. Gamestation was the best and did actually try to compete but now I just wish Game closed and another Asda shop opened up in its place so I can go in feeling like I'm getting a good deal again and not the most expensive. They knock £10 off new xbox one games but don't tell you they already put the prices up by almost £10 anyway, so you save nothing! Anyone else have this experience?

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They cater to mainstream ignorance. Go to Grainger games... though their prices are going up as well these days, they will price match any local store.

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Well, ASDA was the reason the Wii U saw such a price drop in the UK earlier this year, ASDA was liquidating their Wii U inventory but failed to mention it to anybody else and other retailers dropped price to compete with the listed ASDA price even though ASDA no longer had them in stock.