Who's "that person" in your family?

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I realize we all probably love our (extended) families very much. However, I feel like every family has "that person" that isn't disliked, but is annoying/frustrating.

For my family, it's my Uncle on my dad's side, John. Basically, he's impatient, a loud mouth, and is one of the last to arrive and first to leave at family events (particularly the former more than the latter). My Dad, Mom, and my Dad's other brother all express their frustrations regarding him.

Does your family have "that person?"

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me =P

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I can't think of one, which means it's probably me.

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We have a couple. And they're definitely disliked, if not despised.

My sister is one, my parents try to see the silver lining but she's a psychotic bitch. Minutes ago she had a meltdown because my mom LOOKED at a house on the internet I said would be cool to move to and build a second house on the lot. My sister doesn't want to move, and is acting like she actually owns the house and it's up to her at all to decide where the family lives. A few weeks ago she lost her mind because my mom bought couches 'behind her back' (????) that she doesn't happen to like. Every day is like that. She's a nutcase.

And in my extended family, I have one aunt who is a total difficult bitch. She's petty as hell, demands to get her way (eg everyone had to have Christmas at her house one year because she would have had a tantrum if we didn't), she accused my other aunt (her sister) of trying to steal her boyfriend because they have shared interests that they were talking about and it made her jealous. And when my grandfather died, she threatened to contest the will if her brothers (who everything was left to, their mom left stuff to the girls and she died 20 years ago) didn't give her a chunk of the money. She actually got my dad so upset she gave him a heart attack.

When compared to these people, the 'slightly difficult' people look pretty good and not worth mentioning.

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My mom's bothers. The first son keeps borrowing money from my mom's sisters and never pay it back. And most of all, his family lives in excessive lifestyle. Of course, her sisters willing to lend money is also to blame.

And her 2nd brother is just evil. He cuts my mom's sisters off because they want to value my grandma's wish to leave the house to her grandsons who she spends time with everyday because they step Mom kicks them out when they are so young.

I don't care if there is no written lawyer approved will. I don't care if my grandma's dying wish is a lie or not. My two cousins are the one shared their life with my grandma and their parents abandoned them. They are the one who deserve and need the house.

My mom's two brothers are just disgraceful.

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My brother's grandmother. She is impatient and rude to everyone except uncles.
Now me and my family are enthusiastic with everyone except her.

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there isn't really a person like that in my family. the closest person that comes to being "that person" is me. not because i'm annoying or w/e, i just don't interact with anyone. i don't usually attend family activities and when i do i'm usually just sitting by myself being quite or with my wife. i just don't fit in with my family... everyone is a conservative Mormon, i couldn't be further from that and have a hard time being myself around them. in fact my mother just found out that instead of just not liking church that i don't believe in god... she was very upset and even said that she feels like she failed as a mother. how the fuck is that supposed to make me feel? i feel like a complete outsider in my family.

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My sister, who's more then annoying, she's just downright mean. Has always shit talked me, put me down, and tried to act like my mother (aka bossing me around)

Plus, even now, she's super mean to anyone who doesn't basically let her have her way. Going so far as to cussing people out, including our parents, and uses her own kids to get away with it, too, by using the "You'll never see them again if you don't <thing>!" She's a fucking selfish asshole.

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One of my uncles (not blood related).

He's a real dick.

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My father was abusive towards me, my sister was abusive towards me, my mother was abusive towards me and my sister. My uncle and aunt are complete wackos. One of my cousins is a pathological liar...he built a whole lie of a life for himself that I suspect he believes it himself at times. I have a really messed up family.

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My uncle on my mum side. He does stuff wrong and lies and cant stand him. Not seen him for about 7 year as he use to live with his mum and dad my Grandma and Granddad and not seen him since as I only use to go to see them. I don't speak to him on phone when he phones my mum up I just pass the phone straight to my mum. She says you got should speak to him when he phones he is your uncle. So many times I wanted to say only because he is your brother. But that would prolly start an argument and he knows how to start one when he not even there or seen him for years.

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I hate everything and everyone.(even my own parents)

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@korvus: Sorry to hear that man. I know I love just about everyone in my family (even my obnoxious uncle), but I've always realized that not everyone is lucky enough to have a super kind family.

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@CrossFire245: Well, I care for them too (my family, not yours XD)...still, not the best family and other than my sister and my nephews/nieces I don't really miss any of them (I moved to a different country so I don't see them often)

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My brother and his wife. They have 4 small kids and are on those prescription narcotic pills. Both Refuse to work ,stole from my parents, and forged checks. Now that my parents are now dead, my brother is suing me and my sister claiming he deserves more then his 1/3 of the estate. Both sides of the families hate my brother and his wife and we all refuse to even talk to them. THEY ARE JUST PLAIN GARBAGE.

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Unfortunately it's my dad in law.. He's a 79 year old man who is quite difficult to be around with. He's actually a loving and caring man, but because of some things that happened in his youth he becomes really obnoxious when you have an argument with him. Even if he's completely wrong, he'll just shout louder, as if that proves his point. So the rest of my family in law treat him with silk gloves so he won't explode :D But it's hard, because sometimes he can really grind your gears haha. It's such a shame, because he really means well, he cannot really express his feelings in an adult manner. Still love him though.

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My bro, everyone is always asking about him but he got a B.A. and works so my family just hating.

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I like my siblings very much. Don't talk to any of my other family members.

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I don't like my family members. The fact they are recklessly running around with portions my precious DNA is very disconcerting. It's like a part of you that exists that you can't protect 24/7 or make decisions for. It would be nice to not care about them but that appears to be impossible. The worst is when you see part of you that you don't like in them or when they make the same bad decisions you did at their age but you don't know whether to intervene or simply let them learn from their mistakes.

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@roulettethedog: Why would he deserve more than 1/3? Because he's special?

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@ShepardCommandr said:


I hate everything and everyone.(even my own parents)

to the rehabilitation center!

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I would say that person is probably me. I'm not a loudmouth or an obnoxious asshole but I do tend to isolate myself from them a lot. I don't go to a lot of family functions and I usually lock myself away in a room when they come over. I'm the complete opposite when it comes to my group of friends though which is sort of like a second family.

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Unfortunately it is my Father and one of his brothers.

I actually really am the only one who seems to completely hate my father. He is an asshole who just got out of prison after being locked up for 10 years after being caught with coccaine on him and pointing a crossbow at an officer while having priors on his record. His family seems to think he is innocent and was screwed over for some reason, even though he will actually admit to what he did. Bastard actually got mad and used to blame my Mom and I for his getting in trouble.

But yeah, my father is just a selfish bastard with an awful personality and he was borderline abusive when I was a kid. His brother is a MAJOR alcoholic who has essentially lost any chance at a decent life thanks to his addictions. He has so many DUI's on his record. Obviously has no license now. Freaking came pounding on our door a couple weeks back and woke me up when I was trying to sleep in for work and made me drive him around a bit. No calls or heads up before hand either...

I just don't understand it when the rest of the family has done very well for themselves. My Aunt is a nurse married to a dentist. They had 5 kids all of whom are doing great for themselves. My two other Uncles on that side have done well for themselves too. One works for Coca-Cola and the other just retired from NASA. Only those two couldn't get their lives together (and my dumbass father had every chance in the world at making a good life for himself) so I really got the short end of the stick...

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Pretty much all of my family except for my brother