Who is the best psychologist?

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Poll: Who is the best psychologist? (4 votes)

Sigmund Freud 50%
B.F. Skinner 25%
Albert Bandura 25%
Carl Rogers 50%
William James 50%
Erik Erikson 25%
Ivan Pavlov 25%
Kurt Lewison 25%
Jean Piaget 25%
Carl Jung 50%

Multiple choices are allowed.

#1 Posted by elkoldo (1201 posts) -

How can I judge when I haven't visited any of them?

#2 Posted by surrealnumber5 (23044 posts) -

prince paul

#3 Posted by byof_america (1408 posts) -

Well, after watching this one video, I wouldn't mind having Paulina James as my psychologists. Let her relieve a little of my stress...

#4 Edited by Master_Live (15117 posts) -

That one.

#5 Posted by chessmaster1989 (29534 posts) -

Behavioral economists do psychology better than psychologists

#6 Edited by Makhaidos (1614 posts) -

For fuck's sake, Pavlov wasn't a psychologist. He was a gastroenterologist who happened to discover one of the biggest phenomena in psychology's history while studying the digestive processes of dogs.

On your list, I would select William James and Carl Rogers; the former for his contribution to psychology as an intellectual pursuit, and the latter for his development of genuine humanistic counseling. Skinner's work in Behaviorism can't be understated, but the guy was kind of a jackass.

#7 Posted by stationplay_4 (443 posts) -

most of them were complete lunatics. especially freud.

#8 Posted by Aljosa23 (25510 posts) -

None because Psychology is a pseudoscience.

#9 Posted by Makhaidos (1614 posts) -

@Aljosa23 said:

None because Psychology is a pseudoscience.


You know nothing, Jon Snow.

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@Makhaidos said:

@Aljosa23 said:

None because Psychology is a pseudoscience.


You know nothing, Jon Snow.

i loled :D

Topic: um Jake 'the Snake' Roberts?!

#11 Posted by Masculus (2876 posts) -

Wasn't Freud a neurologist and psychoanalyst?

#12 Posted by Boddicker (2881 posts) -

I voted Freud because I secretly want to fuck my mother.