who is more funny owen wilson or ashton kutcher ?

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mmm very hard for me, love em both but gotta go with Ashton a bit more for romantic comedy movies ( Just Married, What Happens in Vegas, Dudes Where My Car ).

Your choice ? :)

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They are both insanely overrated as comedic actors. Pretty much just douchebags who ride on the charm of their more talented co-stars.

Then again, Hansel is sooooo hot right now. So I'll say Wilson over Kutcher.

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Come back when you have some actually funny actors to choose between

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Neither is particularly funny, Kutcher was good in That 70's Show but Owen has been on not so crappy movies like Behind Enemy Lines and good comedies like Midnight In Paris, Cars and Meet the Fockers. Plus that piece of junk Dude, Where is My Car doesn't help Kutcher case.

I would say Owen.

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Non of them were funny ... honestly ....... they are just like bunch of will smith, Tyler Perry or chris rock who thinks they are funny ..... ..... with cheap jokes only fanbase force to laugh at their sad guilty pleasure jokes

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Kutcher is priceless on 70's show.

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Neither of them.

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Definitely Owen Wilson. I've only ever found Ashton Kutcher funny on that 70's show.

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I'd say Owen Wilson but I haven't watched anything involving these 2 for a long time.

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Owen Wilson. Because he didn't ruin Two & A Half Men. Granted, it was turning to shit before Ashton Kutcher joined, but he was the final nail in the coffin.

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I always enjoyed comedies starring Wilson. Can't say the same for Kutcher.

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Neither actually.

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Owen Wilson

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Ashton Kutcher for sure . Dudes hilarious

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Between the two, I prefer Kutcher.

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Don't actually recall watching any movie with Wilson or Kutcher..............

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@Lance2500 said:

I'd say Owen Wilson but I haven't watched anything involving these 2 for a long time.

This. Ashton was only great on That 70's show.

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Kutcher is in his totality a lame and sad joke of an actor, let alone of a comedian. Never manages to make me laugh. Instead he manages rather easily to make me cringe, hard. Everything about him screams corny and mediocre.

Wilson on the other hand, well he's funny. Not because his comedy is of high quality or anything, its just that he looks funny to me for some reason and I find his acting endearing for some reason. The sight of him in a movie pleases my eyes, makes me relax.

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I don't find either of them funny, sorry.

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never heard of them.

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Kutcher was friggin' classic on 70's Show. He is most of the reason why that show is tolerable. Really, if he hadn't been on there, it would have been just plain annoying.

I really liked Just Married.

Everything was meh.

And the only movie I have seen Wilson in is you, Me, and Dupree. It was pretty funny.

I gotta go with Kutcher.

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I don't particularly care for Ashton, Owen Wilson on the other hand I do quite a lot. I never really consider Owen to be the funniest aspect of the movies he's in, he's almost always a light comedy element combined with simply being a likable sort of guy.

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Owen Wilson because I see Ashton Kutcher as a self absorbed douche.

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Owen Wilson

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Cant stand Owen Wilson... I feel like punching his face, everytime he speaks its as if he has some speech impediment.

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Ashton had that 70's show, which I really liked plus the butterfly effect so Ashton.

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I don't consider Owen Wilson to be a comedy actor. He's in a couple of funny movies and he's in some funny situations in those movies, but he doesn't create any of the comedy.

Ashton Kutcher is, or was, a comedy actor. I don't particularly like his brand of comedy though - from what I've seen, he just acts like a retarded stoner.

So by default, I have to say Ashton is funnier, but Owen's movies are much better.

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Owen Wilson is wayyy funnier, by miles and miles. Especially when he goes for dry humor, he really nails that stuff, like his work in Wes Anderson's films. So hilarious.

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Owen Wilson's stuff with Wes Anderson alone puts him on a whole nother level Kutcher.

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Which is the best color, eight or square?

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That's like asking what your favorite way of being tortured is.

Owen Wilson is slightly funnier: Slightly in the same way you would compare how fast paint dries versus a slug's top moving speed.