Who do you think has the best coffee.

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Poll: Who do you think has the best coffee. (24 votes)

Tim Horton's 4%
Dunkin Donuts 21%
Starbucks 8%
McDonalds 25%
Other....... 29%
I don't like coffee 13%

My favorite by far is Tim's.If your choice is not on the poll,please post your favorite place.Thank You for taking part.

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everything i buy and grind, lol.

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@udubdawgz1: love me a Grind!

Lindt do a nice coffee and Centuro. Mc cafe coffee is atrocious.

My mate went abroad somewhere can't quite remember where and he brought back some coffee made with cheetah pooh. The thing is this was an expensive brand of coffee.

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@xeno_ghost: my gf had me watch a program with the dude who got to go sample and buy different teas around the world. since, then, i've been paying attention to my brewing methods. i still can't believe my aero-press is my favorite at this time, right now! lol.

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@udubdawgz1: of course, making coffee becomes a ritual almost with an aero press lol

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@xeno_ghost: my normal press is now pushed aside: our metal press. now, i asctually don't even need ANY thing but the coffee, lol. i still want a touch of homemade brown and a dash of cinnamon and a bit of fine grated chocolate and perhaps a splash of half/half.

it's the first coffee i'll drink without anything. not bad.

lol, i've been varying temps and ingredients, whatever, lol.

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I get my favorite from a local coffee roaster here in Cleveland, OH. They're called Rising Star.Here is there Facebook page. Down with Charbucks!

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I drink tea with milk, with a side of McVities flapjack.

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Locally owned coffee shops always have the best coffee. Having lived in Washington State most of my life, I've grown up with a coffee stand on almost every street corner. It makes drinking Starbucks almost unbearable.

How ironic.

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Voted: Dunkin Donuts.

Because it's cheap, the coffee is good, it's keeps me up till 12 hours while I'm at work, in the mornings I get the Chicken Biscuit+medium Coffee for fucking $5 bucks and well, it's just that damn good.

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Looking strictly at the big chains I'd have to go with Caribou coffee, although I haven't been there in years so I don't know their current quality, but I used to adore it. However, I always prefer brewing my own or going to a locally owned shop.

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Vietnamese coffee or Laos or Thai coffee are the best. IMo

Anyway, I vote Dunkin Donuts. I liked the most around here.

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Out of the chains, I actually like Dunkin Donuts. It's sweet and flavorful. I'm not an avid drinker though, so I don't really care what coffee I drink when I do have it.

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Peet's, hands down.

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All of those choices suck.

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All of those choices suck.

I'm curious,what coffee chains/restaurant would you pick.Or maybe you like your local coffee shops better,please post.

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I like McDonalds coffee. Even though they can't count the right amount of sugar you ask them for, you can't blame them. There is a reason they can only get a job at McDonalds. At least they understand what you mean when you ask for fresh coffee, not the crappy left over that they mix together.

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Second Cup

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Out of those in the poll, McDonalds by far. They really took the quality seriously after being a joke for so long.

And I'm just going on basic roast here, since not all places have the variety of Starbucks.

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Second Cup

I'm sorry,I forgot to add Second Cup in the poll,but it counts as other.I have to be honest,I am not a fan of this coffee chain,simply because Second Cup coffee to me is much too bitter.In my opinion.

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I just bring coffee from home with me. We use a Keurig brewer:

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Cafe Melt (Subway).

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the more generic the better IMO