Which website is the best

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Posted by samanthademeste (1092 posts) 7 months, 24 days ago

Poll: Which website is the best (1 votes)

Deviantart 100%
Encyclopedia Dramatica/Oh internet 0%
4 sham (I cannot say the real name, I could get banned/flagged) 0%

Which website is the best of those three?

#1 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (2878 posts) -

Deviantart,hands down. You want to express your artistic ability? Then this site works just fine,I have a friend here who said that the site made his day always a better thing.

Chan websites...that's the worst site there is,I mean you want to do the IYKWIM parts in there,that's not good for your mental health,stay away from that site no matter what.

#2 Posted by GazaAli (22491 posts) -

chan is an abomination. The fact that you could get banned just for mentioning it speaks a lot on how bad and horrendous it is.