Which online buying/preordering website is better?

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Posted by bumsonfire (225 posts) 10 months, 5 days ago

Poll: Which online buying/preordering website is better? (8 votes)

Gamestop 13%
Amazon 88%

Amazon: Is a cheap, unorganized website that offers many cheap things other then games and consoles. Its unorganization makes it hard to browse the website and without some sort of membership or so you have to pay for shipping.

Gamestop: Cheap (same prices as Amazon with games) website, very organised and FREE shipping when you pay over $25. So when you want to buy a game, console or controller which is usually over $25, then you get free shipping!

BTW, does gamestop ship to Australia?

#1 Posted by sukraj (22177 posts) -

I always use Amazon for everything.

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#3 Posted by HuggyBear1020 (456 posts) -

Used games are usually much cheaper on Amazon.

#4 Posted by dave123321 (33795 posts) -

Amazon amazon amazon

#5 Posted by GoogleAndroid (147 posts) -

Do I detect bias in the OP? Amazon. And it's not up there, but I also like Newegg.

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Amazon is so grand innit.