Which browser do you prefer?

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#1 Posted by Primordialous (1313 posts) -

Well, in the past I always used Chrome, but now I'm beginning to like Firefox.

What does OT think?

#2 Posted by JohnF111 (14107 posts) -
Chrome of course. Clean, quick and does it's job. Plenty of add-ons available as well to choose from.
#3 Posted by johnd13 (8165 posts) -

Firefox. I seem to be getting some problems displaying images with Chrome.

#4 Posted by jim_shorts (7320 posts) -

I've used Firefox for a very long time.

#5 Posted by Nengo_Flow (10387 posts) -
Chrome. Tried Firefox before Chrome, and it sucked even with all its add-on ad stuff, so thats when I move to Chrome.
#6 Posted by Mafiree (3704 posts) -
Chrome by a small amount, Firefox is a close second
#7 Posted by BossPerson (9117 posts) -

we get one thread a week on this topic

#8 Posted by Shadowchronicle (26039 posts) -
I'm using chrome.
#9 Posted by Legend002 (7561 posts) -

Internet Explorer

#10 Posted by psymon100 (6835 posts) -

Chrome by a small amount, Firefox is a close secondMafiree

#11 Posted by Blueresident87 (5340 posts) -


#12 Posted by MonsieurX (31552 posts) -
#13 Posted by sonicare (53602 posts) -

I've been happy with firefox.

#14 Posted by obenns (303 posts) -
Chrome and Safari are a way ahead of the times. Firefox is getting there but not quite there. Others are lacking. Chrome is the best for speed, reliability and ahead when it comes to rendering the latest technologies.
#15 Posted by comp_atkins (31921 posts) -
#17 Posted by sailor232 (5046 posts) -

Chrome, firefox is a close second, I used to use it alot.

#18 Posted by CHOASXIII (14648 posts) -


#19 Posted by cell_dweller (19842 posts) -
I still use the old school Firefox 3.0.whatever. Seems to do the job right without too many extras that you never use.
#20 Posted by pero2008 (2888 posts) -


#21 Posted by LordQuorthon (5388 posts) -


#22 Posted by yellosnolvr (19302 posts) -
chrome obv :)
#23 Posted by SoNin360 (5655 posts) -
Chrome. Ad-Block is amazing. Not sure if any other browsers have something like it, but that among other reasons is why I like Chrome.
#24 Posted by IdioticIcarus (2167 posts) -


#25 Posted by stanleycup98 (6144 posts) -
Chrome The only reason I use Firefox now is for the one website I need for college that only works on Firefox
#26 Posted by _Colossus_ (1704 posts) -

Avant Browser (Firefox). Not because of the speed, but because of the functionality.

#27 Posted by Canuck3000 (40562 posts) -
Firefox. I don't like the way Chrome is laid out.
#28 Posted by GrannyGoat (1192 posts) -
I stuck with Firefox forever, then tried Chrome and havent gone back.
#29 Posted by br0kenrabbit (13392 posts) -

Have problems with Chrome on some sites (and with lots on animated Gifs...especially sucks that ESC doesn't stop Gif animation).

Have problems with Firefox on some sites.

I use both, depending upon what site I'm looking at. Prefer Firefox because the mousewheel scrolling is weird on Chrome.

#30 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9323 posts) -
Chrome, it's really fast.
#31 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -


#32 Posted by -Vulpix- (2383 posts) -

Google Chrome, though I am using Internet Explorer at the moment. Don't have Google Chrome downloaded

#33 Posted by Lucky_Krystal (1390 posts) -

I've tried Firefox, IE, and Chrome. They all suck in some way, but Firefox pisses me off the least.

#34 Posted by jcknapier711 (470 posts) -
I use either Opera or IE.
#35 Posted by Toph_Girl250 (48413 posts) -
Chrome, I use it all the time now. And wow lol, Safari has absolutely no votes whatsoever. :P
#36 Posted by sukraj (23818 posts) -

Internet Explorer

#37 Posted by LordQuorthon (5388 posts) -

I appreciate how some Firefox and Chrome users seem to believe that adblock is, like, exclusive to their browsers. Awww... Internet dumbasses.

#38 Posted by FMAB_GTO (14385 posts) -
#39 Posted by Diablo-B (4053 posts) -
Chrome still has sites that it is incompatible with. FF gives to many technical problems. When chrome fails me I end up having to use safari
#40 Posted by APiranhaAteMyVa (2979 posts) -
I've tried chrome a few times and always thought it was a peasants Firefox. So I have stuck with Firefox, I sometimes use IE10 aswell just for fun.
#41 Posted by General_X (9081 posts) -
Firefox. Has much more robust add-on support, is more customizable, and handles a lot of simultaneous open tabs (performance-wise and usability-wise) much better than Chrome.
#42 Posted by seahorse123 (1237 posts) -
Google Chrome is the best I think.
#43 Posted by Horgen (110859 posts) -
#44 Posted by Squeets (8184 posts) -

I used to be 100% Firefox, used it every day since it first launched. For the last couple months though I have been getting terrible glitches with Flash that caused my Firefox to crash or hand pretty much anytime I watched a Flash video and sometimes even from Flash advertisements. After months of getting no help on their forums when I asked for it, I switched to Chrome. It works.

Only thing I don't like is the menu navigation. Much easier to bookmark and then access bookmarks in Firefox among other things.

#45 Posted by MonoSilver (1392 posts) -
I've always preferred Firefox.
#46 Posted by michael_1234576 (8621 posts) -
Opera ftw
#47 Posted by Kats_RK (2080 posts) -

Google Chrome.

#48 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

i prefer firefox.

i use chrome for anime because i have it open where i last left it so i never lose what ep im on...

#49 Posted by krazykillaz (21141 posts) -
Firefox. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Chrome can't handle many tabs.
#50 Posted by GhettoBlastin92 (1228 posts) -
Chrome. Hands down.