Whats with sooo many teen movies lately ?

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Twilight , Hunger Games , Divergent , The Fault in our stars ... now Hollywood is producing more movies from teen novels , oh my goodness :(. I never understood the hype around them TBH. Saw Twilight 1 thinking to watch bloodthirsty vampires and i never returned for the sequels , Tried watching Hunger games 1 only for JLAW and stopped watching after 30 mins.

Anyone watches all these recent teenage movies ? Whats your opinion ?

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I've watched Hunger Games and the first Twilight to see what the fuss was about. Neither was very interesting, to be honest, but at least I could stomach the Hunger Games...

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Saw all the Twilight movies (not by choice, mind you. My wife is a fan of the series) and Hunger Games. Watched 'The Host' which was another movie from the woman who wrote Twilight. Total bore that was...

I guess they do this because kids make up the biggest percentage of movie goers. At least, I hope that's the reason and not because movie producers can't come up with any good "book to movie" films....because I can think of a dozen off the top of my head right now that would make excellent movies.

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@jasean79: Oh yeah, saw The Host as well...it was kind of like a slightly better Twilight =P

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Lately? Teen movies have been around since the 80s at least.

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Tc it's been decades

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I've watched Hunger Games because I LOOOOVED the books, and want to see/read TFIOS and Divergent, but am hesitant because I feel like Shailene Woodley will ruin it for me as I can't see her as a serious actress because of "Secret Life".

I'm also excited for the Miss Peregrine series of movies, which is based off another young adult book series.

As for why? Because they're easy to make (the script is basically half-written when they're based on books) and teens have the most disposable income. Duh.

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this isn't a recent trend.

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Ban them

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They've been around since the 30ties.

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I hate teen movies hunger games was ok.

Just to add, I hate what they have done witth the series American Horror Story, it's turned into a teen series.