Whats the Answer Game?

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#1 Posted by Soul4Survivor (175 posts) -

Ok i'll Start my trip at 3;05pm and end it at 3;05pm. at what time will i end my trip?

#2 Posted by MonsieurX (32076 posts) -

Probably not 3;05pm

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#4 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (3536 posts) -

@Soul4Survivor: your trip will end at 3;05;15. That was a quick trip,don't tell me you're on a trip to a nearby cooling box to get some cold-gold beer,or take a "trip" down to the floor. XP

#5 Posted by Master_Live (15870 posts) -

Actually, we don't know if he ended the trip at the 3:05pm of the same day.

#6 Posted by Soul4Survivor (175 posts) -

Off Topic. is slow today guess no one will get the right answer to this question..

Man i'm good

#7 Posted by lamprey263 (26169 posts) -

3:05pm... is this a trick question?

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tricky question