What were your first posts like? (Your first post thread)

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Have you ever read over your posts, or at least the early ones to see how you have grown and improved as the years rolled on? I gotta say, my early posts were obnoxious as hell; and I didn't spell (or at least spell check) worth a damn. I'm embarrassed how 14 year old me posted; complete ass XD

From a Megadeth v Metallica thread.

"MEGADETH ALL ThE WAY !!!! a few of my personal favs( i have alot ) are symponey of destruction , sweating bullets and bullets hanger 18 there alot of other awesome that i didnt fell like listing"

Holy balls is it awful, can anyone beat that bad of a post?I am legitimately embarrassed by that. Post your first forum post, and lets see if you've changed as a poster.

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No clue. Don't care. History is history. Did you really go back and read old posts? Anyway with site updates over the years they are long gone.

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@LJS9502_basic: Mine are there. I got a kick out of checking out old threads again. Wish we still did YLYL around here.

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@Bardock47 said:

@LJS9502_basic: Mine are there. I got a kick out of checking out old threads again. Wish we still did YLYL around here.

There is a lot of things I wish still existed here. Coming to OT is like listening to Taps....

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No need to look back here. Have already grown,

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@LJS9502_basic said:

@Bardock47 said:

@LJS9502_basic: Mine are there. I got a kick out of checking out old threads again. Wish we still did YLYL around here.

There is a lot of things I wish still existed here. Coming to OT is like listening to Taps....

That description is as accurate as it is sad.

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oldest in my post history is 8 years 7 months back so not all the way back. it was on a union forum board.

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12 years ago?!? I'm lucky to remember last week :P

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My old account if I remember correctly, I posted at a union and I wasn't being obnoxious or anything. That's it.

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I remember my first post was on the GTA:SA board, someone made a topic suggesting the idea of "GTA Chav" where you could beat up Chavs (chav is british slang for teenage antisocial delinquents) and I posted that it was a great idea, because I was 13 and thought chavs were the worst thing ever.

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@LJS9502_basic: Mine are there. I got a kick out of checking out old threads again. Wish we still did YLYL around here.

Is there much demand for YLYL to return among OT's users? There's no reason we can't start doing it again if people want it back. Though for my part I never got the point of just updating people on what you were listening to periodically, there didn't seem to be much discussion about music in addition to that.

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I do go back, mainly on the sports forum. Pretty much everyone was for Oden over Durant.

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All of them were pure gold, because they were posted by me of course. My first , post was actually locked by solidruss though, it was a "Hi, I'm new to GameSpot" thread posted in here on OT, which I would have known not to do had I read the rules thread stickied at the top of the board at the time... thankfully he was gentle. :)

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Well, I went to my account, selected forums, went to the last post on the list, not sure if it's my first forum post or not...

the topic was Major Nelson promising a big spring update for the Xbox 360, in the Xbox forum section

my response was I hoped it included a BC update for Panzer Dragoon Orta (and it did and I was happy)

makes sense, I mostly commented on articles on the homepage, mostly only went into using game specific forums, and didn't discover the OT and SW communities quite a while later (like a couple years), joined one union but the guy who lead it was crazy and wanted me to join his clan and harassed me and my friends online and then he was pretty much kicked off XBL and GameSpot

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Pretty much had a play my nuts attitude

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@EJ902: I'd love to see more YLYL; I'd start them but I don't have a folder filled with 'teh funniez' for a good laugh.

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Ummm at NFS most wanted and Half Life episode one board on GS ( that time it was merged with gamefaqs) asking if i can run those games or not =P

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I don't remember any of my old threads

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Well, I was a total dumbass. I made stupid, whiny threads, and I also spammed a lot.

I was a bitch lol

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I was a noob I remember that much. I can't say much about what I posted because it was purged at some point. Though I do remember sticking with solely staying on the ps2 board for nearly a year before I ventured here into OT. But that is with this account.

I can't remember much from my older one, as it's from 2003 and I eventually stopped using it because I hated the name.

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In hindsight, I could have been nicer.

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defending my faith, although i don't do much of a great job at it.

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They were the songs of innocence.

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I think my English has degraded.

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I have no idea, that was a long time ago.

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The oldest one I on my profile (which *definitely* isn't my first post), is this:

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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My first post, which was 5 years and 2 months ago:

Is anyone here a perfectionist at video games? I'm a perfectionist at video games myself and it's very irritating! For example, I have a Nintendo Wii, and when I try to play Super Mario Galaxy, I'm always getting frustrated because I have to make Mario move in a certain way, such as making him walk all of the time. The way Mario is programmed to walk in the game makes it more frustrating because the movement is somewhat tight; something I'm not really accustomed to. I also have Super Paper Mario, and I can't stand the fact that in order to play the game, you have to hold the Wii Remote sideways. I was really irritated when I found that out. I own Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as well. I always have to do somersaults and do certain combos sometimes; it gets tedious. The fact that I'm trying to be "perfect" at a fighting game is beyond me. I also own Bully: Scholarship Edition and Prince of Persia: Rival Swords, which I consider to be my two favorite games. I notice that my perfectionist tendencies are at their worst when I attempt to play those games. I cannot exactly recall when all of this perfectionism began but it's really getting on my nerves now. Every time I'm not "perfect", I have to go to the main menu, remove the game disc, and then I have to go to the settings page and format the information saved onto the system. I think it's really stupid. I will only accept saved game data on the console if I was "perfect" at the game, which happens very rarely. And every time I format, I have to turn the system back on and put in the settings again. I'm quickly losing my patience. How about you? Do any of you have to put up with this? Or do you know anyone who does? I really love video games it's just that I need to get rid of this habit but it seems impossible. By the way, I'm new to GameSpot and I'm really looking forward to being on this site more often! And one more thing, sorry for the huge wall of text, I just want to know if anyone has to put up with this every time they play video games.

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An introduction in the PS3 lounge. I was overly bubbly and spammy when I first joined and racked up nearly 10k posts in one year between various lounges.

Definitely have toned it down since.

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@GrayF0X786 said:

defending my faith, although i don't do much of a great job at it.

Find a mentor.

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A WAYLT thread.

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My first couple of posts were probably pretty contentious, as they were in System Wars. That place is a freakin' loony bin....

My first thread was about Investing (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc), but apparently nobody in the OT knows or cares about securities.

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i have no idea, i can't see them anymore

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My early posts were something like this "Green Day is da best!!1!"