What Trading Card Game Do You Play?

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Posted by theothernormal (76 posts) 1 year, 1 month ago

Poll: What Trading Card Game Do You Play? (19 votes)

Pokemon 11%
Magic 42%
Yu Gi Oh 11%
None 37%

I FINALLY learned how to play Pokemon about a week ago and now I'm hooked and I play online a lot. My friends say Pokemon is too childish and that I should get into Magic or Yu Gi Oh. What are your thoughts and what do you play?

#1 Posted by Evdne971 (247 posts) -

I think Pokemon is way cooler, I also think that Yu-Gi-Oh, and magic are really nerdy....for some reason Pokemon isn't to me.

I don't play any card games. But if saw some grown ass people playing Pokemon I'd be like "coool!!"

As opposed to "Magic, how lame"

Pokemon is more widely accepted.

Even girls (in high school) think it's pretty cool.

As long as you grew up with the original Pokemon, you good brah (puts on shades)

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Used to play Yugioh till that elemental hero garbage pretty much got shoved down everyone's throat... Just a big money waster so I don't bother anymore.

As for Yugioh/magic back when I last played ~2007 most of the people that went to the tournaments were young adults never seen a pokemon tournament since early 2000s though I have not really looked

#3 Posted by GrayF0X786 (3896 posts) -

yu gi oh.

#4 Posted by Evil_Saluki (4878 posts) -

Big magic the gathering player, do lots of tournaments. I've won quite a few which is good going considering I never do what they call "net decking" where you play a top tier deck pulled from information of what decks been winning and copy paste it to play. The thing I love most of the game is making and playing my own decks, and I got a good knowledge of what works and what doesn't. My decks may not always be as consistent as the net deckers but it can be such a wild card, combined with my knowledge of the game to make it work, means I often catch pro players by surprise and win the loot.

#5 Posted by starfox15 (3966 posts) -

Pokemans. I wish the online tcg wasn't awful. Did they fix it yet?

#6 Posted by jimkabrhel (15421 posts) -

It's been many years since I played Magic: the Gathering with the card, but I really enjoyed it. I just buy the computer version now and I'm satisfied with them.

#7 Posted by Brain_Duster (404 posts) -

MTG was pretty fun when I played it.

#8 Posted by cain006 (8625 posts) -

Just play whatever you enjoy. I only play Magic 2012 every now and then and don't know that much about the game. It's cheap and fun though so I enjoy it.

#9 Posted by ssvegeta555 (2273 posts) -

I use to play Magic a lot back in highschool and college. Such a good game, but got expensive chasing all those rares or trying to build decks on a budget. I still play from time to time, but I haven't bought any cards in years. My preferred card game right now is Lord of the Rings LCG.

#10 Posted by GazaAli (23234 posts) -

@GrayF0X786 said:

yu gi oh.

Haven't you heard? YuGiOh is 7aram, like totally rofl.

#11 Posted by GrayF0X786 (3896 posts) -

@GazaAli said:

@GrayF0X786 said:

yu gi oh.

Haven't you heard? YuGiOh is 7aram, like totally rofl.

no it's not.

#12 Posted by LostProphetFLCL (17595 posts) -

Magic player here. Game is the original G of card games and is easily the best that is being played currently. The only card game I can say I liked better than Magic was the old DBZ TCG. Played that game through almost it's entirety and it was AWESOME! Very different beast from Magic.

I did play Pokemon in Elementary school but moved onto other games. Guess it was good as a started TCG.

Yu Gi Oh is fucking AWFUL though. Avoid that game like the plague. It seriously might be the most psychotically unbalanced TCG ever made....

#13 Edited by Evil_Saluki (4878 posts) -

Where I play Magic a lot of people play Yu Gi Oh. We get a lot of refugees from that game, almost every month a player converts from Yu-Gi to magic. Apparently from what I heard Yu-Gi-Oh is the most popular trading card game but I wouldn't believe it from what I see. Maybe it was the most popular but it's fan base is dwindling or it has some phenomenal following in some very specific region of the world that makes up it's numbers (A bit like some MMo's make up it's numbers from chines farmers).

From what I heard it's got some issues. I don't know the game very well and have no desire to look it up, but it's something to do with a limitation of decks your able to compete with. Pretty much everyone plays a certain deck or the deck to counter it, so you either clash with the same deck or you win cause you played the counter. So it's effectivly Rock, Paper Scissors.

Magic the Gathering can be just as bad if you play limited (all cards legal) where you don't interact with other at all in the game, you just grab your cards, say if you muligun or not, reveal the top 10 cards of your libary to see who won that round. If you play Magic in what they call Modern or Standard format however (Modern bans certain cards and only stretches to cards from a certain year and beyond, standard is all cards from the last 2 years) you get to have interactive games which give you almost limitless deck designs you can come up with.

People talk of pro tier 1 decks and archetypes, but constantly a random wild deck comes in and kicks everyone's ass in Magic the Gathering. Is why it's the best, and always will be better then Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

I sometimes think Yu-Gi is a limited generation of people who watched the show. Since that stopped being aired I expect it's followers to dwindle as the years go by. Magic has been going since 1993 and it's still going strong now. Test of time.

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I'm a very avid Magic player and collector, played yugioh a while back in middle and high school. I also have a binder of pokemon cards. Whatever is fun and my friends are playing I will always try, Magic is just the game that stuck with all of us for many years.