What style of dancing does Sam Rockwell do?

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Not only in Iron Man 2 but on Jimmy Fallon Sam Rockwell is a hell of a dancer.


Jimmy is pretty damn good too. But what do you call that kind of dancing?

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Hip hop.

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Hip hop.

Yeah I'm pretty sure people were dancing like that decades before the term "hip hop" was ever used for music...
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I just searched youtube for "hip hop dancing" and none of it is even remotly close to what Sam and Jimmy are doing...

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It is hip hop. What you are seeing is most likely break dancing which are steps found within hip hop. You can see something quite similar in the "Can't Touch This" music video. Hip hop has a huge variety of steps and styles and that is one of them.

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No, it's melbourne shuffle.
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No, it's melbourne shuffle.F1_2004
I stand corrected. However, those steps are seen in hip hop dances. But yah, what this guy said. :P

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Who the hell is Sam Rockwell?
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Who the hell is Sam Rockwell?Hemmaroids
One of the best working actors who shold have been nominated for best actor in 2009 but thanks to Sony he was not.

ANd Vangaur are you thinking of "Top rocking"?