What's your internet speed?

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Wish it was faster... =(

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It refuses to let me copy the URL.



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this gave me a .64Mbps download speed and .56Mbps upload speed. This is off the computer plugged directly into the router.

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50 Mb

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@wis3boi said:

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My home speed is ~25mbs downloads and ~6mbs upload. And yet, Netflix is extremely blurry.

Netflix works fine in HD when I switch to my VPN which only gets ~4mbs downloads and ~1mbs upload.

Comcast? They throttle netflix to make people more likely to use their own service

Yup. Nothing I can do about it either. My apartment complex won't allow us to switch to WoW. I'll just have to deal with it for a while.

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Two shitty mother F%^*&g megs a second.

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At home in India, internet 600kbps speed, unlimited download and i pay Rs. 500 = $8 per month. how much speed and data limit do you guys get at $8 per month?


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4 Mbps.

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I guess it's sufficiently fast for my tastes. Not really interested in speeds anyway.