What's the last movie/s you saw?

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What did you think of it?, you can rate it or whatever. It can be anywhere like you saw it in a movie theater, dvd, bluray, internet, etc... hell even old school like vcd, vhs, laserdisc and betamax.

i saw 'Man of Steel' (times already on dvd and months ago in movie theaters) - So Awesome as usual! Everytime i watch the action scenes i still tell myself "damn i still can't believe we already have a modern live action badass Superman movie that goes fist fighting and throwing enemies!" My eyes were orgasmic. This movie... WOW. I grew up with the Christopher Reeve movies btw, and this is a great modern new Superman in my opinion, great job by Henry Cavill and others. Last Superman movie was 2006's 'Superman Returns', it's a "dissapointment" but overall i really like it, such a beautifully crafted movie, i miss Brandon Routh being Superman, very underrated and misunderstood movie. LOL now comparing 'MoS' to 'SR' , both movies are totally the opposite of each other, it's badass Superman, awesome action/destruction(MoS) vs beautiful 'Christopher Reeve like' tone movie, suave smooth Superman(SR)

i understand others don't like it because they are expecting 2013 version of the Christopher Reeve like tone, this MoS is a different take on it, i love it!, i love the change. A Super Solid 9/10 from me.

AND i finally saw 'Iron Man 3' on dvd(skipped the cinema showings), i'm not a comic book reader but i can recognize the view standpoints of true nerds/geeks about the characters/world/etc. of comics so i understand all the hate and dissapointment of others about the Mandarin twist.

, at the same time i found it hilarious! Overall i like the movie, funny and i enjoyed it, not perfect but still ok for me. i mean c'mon it's not really that bad as others are obsessed about ripping this movie apart. 8/10 from me.

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Oh yeah btw if ever they include the character 'Bizarro' in a future Superman movie, i hope they bring back Brandon Routh as that character, that would be a mind blowing announcement.

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saw captain phillips a week or two ago. very good.

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Men In Black 3... I think it was last week. Awesome movie!

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Creature. Only watched about half of it. It sucked from what I saw.

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Gravity about a week ago. Great movie and 3D really added to its appeal.

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I saw Thor 2 in theaters last week. It was entertaining but my goodness was the plot ridiculous.

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I too saw the new Superman movie this weekend, i actually purchased it on Blu-ray because i liked it that much. And also i missed the last part of the movie because something came up during my time at my local theater. What an awesome movie, he looks so much like Christopher Reeve too at one point in the movie. I too grew up watching the old superman movies. Superman was my first super hero movie as a kid, so i thought it was great. The special features goes through lots of detail, that disk is good too, comes with the blu-ray.

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Enders Game. It was the first movie I've seen in the theaters in probably over a year.

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My last theatre film was Thor: The Dark World which was decent popcorn fun, though a tad too busy.

Yesterday I watched The Message (1977), Blancanieves (2012), & Upstream (1927)...and today thus far I've watched The Lady from Shanghai (1947) and Oil for the Lamps of China (1935).

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Rented Pacific Rim. Not bad. It had cool action and all but it was pretty corny and had just about every cliche in the book present.

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I just bought and watched World War Z and that movie is freaking AWESOME!!!!

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Yesterday, I watched Skyfall for the first time. A somewhat pleasant viewing experience even if it is dull at times -- much like the rest of the pre-Craig Bond films.

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Last 3:

  • The Thin Red Line 6/10
  • About Schmidt 7/10
  • Flight 7/10
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An Iranian film called A separation. A great watch, deserves at least 8.5/10 in my book.

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The Heat (B), very enjoyable film. Other than two female leads this time around, it really is just your run of the mill 'buddy cop' film but the chemistry between McCarthy and Bullock was great and makes for some hilarious moments.

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The Wolverine (7.0/10)

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Watched Karmen Gei in my History of Cinema class. I wasn't too fond of it and was probably my least favorite film we've watched so far in the course but it was interesting to see the Carmen story told through this African culture.

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That movie with giant robots, similar to a Magezorde fighting giant monsters

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Last movie I watched was Hangover 3 on Friday. Wasn't too impressed with it compared to the other movies. After that my weekend was spent between playing Killzone on PS4, Ghosts on the 360, and doing my first runthrough of Super Metroid (Wii U version) since 1996 just for shits and giggles.

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The last movies I saw were The Descent 8/10 and World War Z 9/10.

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At the theater, I think it was Captain Phillips. I have no idea how accurate it was, but it was definitely damn entertaining and tense the whole way through.

Most recent movie though was Late Spring in my film class, which I'm not going to really comment on. Not that I don't know how I felt about it, but because I want to watch it by myself first before I actually pass judgment on it. I think there's a totally different experience between watching a film in a theater or by yourself in your home and when you it in class where the professor stops the film fairly often and points everything out to you. Not that it's not interesting or insightful what he's saying (and he catches stuff I would've missed frequently), but I think it's better to form your own conclusions and interpretations about a scene or the film in general first, rather than having your first time being spelled out for you.

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Into the Wild

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The last time I was in the theatre,I had a time with The Wolverine,Hugh Jackman is always an original figure,he looked just like Logan in the comics(shame I don't like superhero comics)

In the second run,I became disappointed,because my parents convinced me to watch shitty Chinese films(I don't understand its language and story)

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The Wolverine, watched it yesterday on DVD. Not bad, not bad at all.

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that movie Hours with Paul Walker.. it was ok

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Con air

5/10, first half being brilliant, second half being bad and cheesy.

Started of great, unique story line, great gritty action, but then it started to drag and over do it, in the second half of the film changing the tone into a cheesy sci-fi fantasy action movie.

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THOR 2, enjoyed it. There were some slow points but overall I had a good time.

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i watched we're the millers last night. funnier than i expected. worth checking out.

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A Pakistani film called Waar. It's the best Pakistani movie IMO & also the first Pakistani movie which I have seen in cinema. Here is a trailer.

Loading Video...

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The Heat, it was worth watching.

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Hanging with the Homboys (1991)- pretty good and fun movie

Do the right Thing (1989)- I didnt really understand it... No one in that movie did the right thing

I saw the both 4 days ago for the fist time.

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We watched, "Made in Heaven," for our traveling cinema club. It was terrible.

It featured some musical cameos, though, and a cross dressing Debra Winger played a chain-smoking figure who may or may not have been God.


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It's one of those movies where my memory of it is better than my second experience of it, but I watched it without intending to understand what was going on for the purpose of focusing the relationship between the two main characters.

That's something I ended up holding on to as well as something I might come back to because the film is so low budget and the dialogue is filled with scientific jargon that it really started to feel as though I was watching a documentary about real people actually discovering a way to travel through time -- and that was exciting.

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Sleeping with the enemy. 7/10 Really enjoyed this film.

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The most recent movie I've seen is Fuse: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl; an anime film about a hunter (duh) who lives in 19th century Japan that goes to Edo to help her brother hunt mythological creatures known as Fuse (half-human and half-dog). I really liked the animation, the characters, and story. The soundtrack is so good too. I saw it on Hulu, and I'm hoping it gets a stateside release so I can get it on Blu-ray. I rate it a 9/10.

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sadly, little mermaid; i was helping my gf babysit her boss's daughters for some extra cash

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Watched "The Puffy Chair" on netflix again, last night. Excellent flick. Dry, and hilarious.

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i literally just got up from watching gamer for the first time all the way through. not as bad as i had taken from my first impression, in which i was watching it with others and it got stopped for being too music video flash edited for its own good, and awkward to sit through watching together; vulgar and violent. if you can see past its trying too hard to be edgy and some of its actors not respecting it as much as they should have, it's not that difficult to find something to be glad about seeing. michael c hall's dance number was creepy, weird, and captivating all at once.

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@LZ71 said:

I think there's a totally different experience between watching a film in a theater or by yourself in your home and when you it in class where the professor stops the film fairly often and points everything out to you.

I'm so glad my professor doesn't do that I would seriously hate that.


Watched my first Howard Hawks movie AND my first Katharine Hepburn movie!

Soooooo good.

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Just saw 2 Guns an action/thriller with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg on Youtube, I'd give it a 6/10. Very average but if you want to check it out here's the link.

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Santa Claus The Movie

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THOR 2, I liked it more then the first film if I'm honest

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@GazaAli said:

An Iranian film called A separation. A great watch, deserves at least 8.5/10 in my book.

Why can't I shake off the feeling that you're an Iranian yourself ?

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@elkoldo: Not really, but I'm a middle eastern so maybe that's why.

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@danishkhan said:

A Pakistani film called Waar. It's the best Pakistani movie IMO & also the first Pakistani movie which I have seen in cinema. Here is a trailer.

Loading Video...

This definitely looks interesting, I may give it a try soon. Hopefully its original and authentic instead of copying American shit action movies.

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Last movies I saw over a month ago was After Earth, The Conjuring and Monsters University.

After Earth is the worst movie Ive seen so far this year. The plot isn't so bad, but the story, acting, and any sense that goes on is just laughable. Jaden Smith cannot act, he more then likely got the role because of his dad. 3/10

The Conjuring was an excellent movie. 8/10

Monsters University was a pretty good movie. The story is all about Mike and he is my favorite character in Monsters Inc. 7/10

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I watched Twin Dragons. I haven't watched that movie since I was a kid and I still enjoyed it.

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Far From the Madding Crowd (1967) - A film directed by John Schlesinger and starring Julie Christie, Terence Stamp, Peter Finch & Alan Bates as its principle leads with cinematography by Nicolas Roeg. Needless to say it didn't disappoint.

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I just watched Pitch Perfect last night. Surprisingly good.