What OS do you use or have you used.

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Poll: What OS do you use or have you used. (37 votes)

Android 62%
Microsoft 95%
Linux 49%
What is UNIX 8%
Other 19%
iOS 38%

OT what OS have/do you use?

Previously I was only using Ubuntu but now running Windows 8 alongside Ubuntu other than that I have a lot of exploring to do.

And Android on my phone.

#1 Posted by lostrib (34578 posts) -

Currently use windows and Mac OSX and Android for mobile

#2 Posted by thecrypticodor (192 posts) -

Linux Mint 13 LTS

#3 Posted by TAMKFan (32730 posts) -

I always only use Microsoft.

#4 Posted by roulettethedog (10953 posts) -

MS for desktops/Laptops, but I like Android for tablets.

#5 Edited by tocool340 (20487 posts) -

I've used Windows 95. 98, 98SE, XP home edition, Vista, and currently Windows 7 Home Premium....



#6 Posted by certifieddata (46053 posts) -

Always used a Microsoft OS.

#7 Edited by LuzerGS (21 posts) -

Currently using Windows 8 on my gaming rig. Mac OS X on my mac and iOS 5.11 (or sumthin') on my old iPod Touch and Android Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich on my tablet.

Used to use Ubuntu too, but that sh*t messed up my old rig. Installing drivers on any Linux distro is a bit of a task to say the least...

Oh but without a doubt Windows 8 (yes E-I-G-H-T) is my favourite of all time. My opinion.

#8 Edited by CyberLips (1821 posts) -

Android on my smart phone, Windows 7 on the family computer and Ubuntu 12.04 on my brother's laptop. He somehow managed to delete Windows lol but it was Windows 8 so no one cared. xD

#10 Posted by Shottayouth13- (6754 posts) -

I'm currently on Windows 7 (fuck you Windows 8), and for my tablet I'm on Android Jellybean.

I have used Ubuntu but I didn't like it enough to keep it around.

#11 Posted by nightcall14 (607 posts) -

I am currently using Windows 8.1 on my main computer and Xubuntu on my netbook. I have used Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Ubuntu.

#12 Posted by Gaming-Planet (13998 posts) -

Using Windows 7.

I'd use a Linux distro but the lack of support sucks.

#13 Posted by Lance2500 (680 posts) -

Windows Vista and iOS.

#14 Posted by geraldwillkill (1132 posts) -

Currently I have windows 8.1 (the only thing keeping attached to this excuse of an OS is my games), OSX, Kubuntu, iOS (phone), and android (tablet). I've also tried pc-bsd, freebsd, ubuntu, xubuntu, arch... basically Im stuck in a phase where i cant find the right *nix OS for me but Kubuntu seems to be the best so far.

#15 Posted by GeneralMufinMan (368 posts) -

I've used everything buy Unix, though the only Linux I've ever used is Ubuntu, so not sure if that really counts. Windows 8 (with Star8) is what I use mainly though

#16 Posted by Celldrax (14565 posts) -

Currently on windows 7.

And not including computers we haven't owned, I've also used DOS Shell, win 3.11, 95, 98, and XP.

#17 Posted by Haziqonfire (36344 posts) -

I've used Windows every version of Windows from 98 until now, OS X on Mac and on the Linux side I've used OpenSuse, Mint and Ubuntu. My daily driver is Ubuntu though, cannot stand Windows.

On the phone side I've used both iOS and Android, with my preference being 100% on Android.

#18 Edited by jun_aka_pekto (15919 posts) -

All the OSes I have used? During my lifetime?

Let's see.......

At home:

AmigaOS/Workbench 1.2 to 2.1

(Mac) System 7, OS9, OSX

MS-DOS (from 2.1 up to 6.22)

Windows 2.1 to Windows 8.

OS2 Warp(only for a year)

Be (loved it)

Various Linux distros starting with Slackware 3.4 (1995)

OpenBSD - mainly for tinkering around with.

At work:

All the Windows OSes


Sun Solaris

Silicon Graphics IRIX or some other Unix - can't remember which one




Oh. I have an Android tablet too. Silly me. :D

#19 Posted by mindstorm (15242 posts) -

I use Windows on my desktop and the Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint on my laptop.

#20 Posted by Leftel (93 posts) -

Currently use Windows 8 on my desktop, Linux Ubuntu on my laptop and Android on my Htc one s.

#21 Edited by Miroku32 (8666 posts) -

I think almost all the OS in the Windows family. Want to get into a Linux OS in the near future.

#22 Edited by johnd13 (7993 posts) -

Windows and Android.

#23 Edited by iampenguin (223 posts) -

@jun_aka_pekto: Impressive.

Be is definitely up there with usual OS names , never heard of it till now.

#24 Posted by LJS9502_basic (150351 posts) -

MS for PC and Android for phones/tablets.

#25 Edited by Shadow4020 (1952 posts) -

Windows at home and OS X at school.

#26 Posted by BranKetra (48173 posts) -

I have used the following:

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows NT

Unknown Mac OS

Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows 8



I have had them all installed on my hardware and I currently utilize Android 4.12 and Windows 8.

#27 Posted by wis3boi (31118 posts) -

Have windows 7 and linux mint for the moment

#28 Edited by ShepardCommandr (2419 posts) -

Been using windows my entire life.

I have used windows 98,xp,7 and 8.

#29 Posted by spaceninja818 (422 posts) -

I currently use windows 7, 8 and OSX Mountain Lion on my laptops. My phone is iOS.

I have previously used Vista, XP and Android.

#30 Posted by riou7 (10832 posts) -

Used to be an iOS user, now a proud user of Android device :P