what kind of music you enjoy most ?

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pop or rock from 70's to 90's , rythmn & blues ( 70's to 90's) with some 90's Hip Hop thrown in ( Tupac, Notorious BIG ), japanese video games music ( NIER ). Not a fan of alternate rock or metal or present day pop/rock music.

what kind of music you enjoy listening to most OT ?

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Opera specifically Italian and French.

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Rock.....especially alternative. But in general rock. That said I can listen to most genres of music....as long as it's not the mainstream low denominator music.

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Western art music

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It really depends on the mood...I can go from Classical, to Celtic, to Metal in a few hours =P

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Classic Rock, Punk, Alternative, Grunge, Metal, Folk,

I won't get into sub-genres or I'd be here for awhile

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Alot of Classic Rock,Classic Metal.

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Anything from rock, like Senses Fail, Blink 182, to deathcore like Despised Icon. Even metalcore like The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, August Burns Red.

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  1. Death metal
  2. Groove metal
  3. Avant-garde jazz (emphasis on John Coltrane)
  4. Romantic Classical (emphasis on Beethoven)
  5. Delta blues (emphasis on B.B. King)
  6. Black metal (emphasis on Venom)
  7. Viking/folk metal

Adding in doom metal because of Candlemass and my new favourite singer Messiah Marcolin.

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First let me say when it comes to music, I am VERY openminded and listen to just about everything. That includes music in other languages that I can't understand. I would say I don't like Opera, but even some of that is good. As for what is my favorite. I would have to go with classic rock from the 60's and 70's. Stuff like Steve Miller Band, Survivor, Journey, The Police, The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Edgar Winter Group, Whitesnake, Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, etc etc..

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Hip-Hop after 2009 has been pretty dope. Dub Reggae like Max Romeo, The Scientist, King Tubby, etc.

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Alternative rock, ambient, dark ambient, post rock, electronica

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Rock/ Metal. Digging old school metal lately.

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Mostly Black & Doom.

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Electronic, mainly the House and Trance variety. Video game music, mainly from RPGs. I sometimes listen to Classic rock and Alternative rock.

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For me classic rock & 90s grunge - alternative rock. I still listen to rap sometimes too, mostly Texas shit.

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Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Black Metal (some), Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, Classic Rock (some), and rap (very few songs in particular, and the artists are not mainstream).

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Classic Country, Classical, and Classic Rock. I do like some new stuff such as James Walsh, Jamey Johnson, and Joe Nichols.

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Pretty much everything, except that I mostly practice classical music.

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At the moment ...... Bad Brain .... imagine trayvon martin in a punk rock crowd

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you should watch this segment from a documentary called GLOBAL METAL (force yourself for 8 minutes) ... I insist

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80's pop music

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Generally speaking, Rock.

Though, I have a pretty big musical range.

I enjoy Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, Pop-Rock (hey, the Beatles are considered Pop-Rock if i'm not mistaken), Rap-Rock, Garage Rock, Glam Rock (Hair Metal), and.... ya know what? To shorten this list, i'ma just say this: basically all variations and sub-genres of rock.

Then I also like some Rap (not a lot though).

I like a bit of Classical on rare occasion.

Also, Reggae sometimes sparks my interest.

Some of that 80s Funk music can be pretty catchy.

I also like Electronica as well.

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Post-rock, post-metal, death metal (and all the numerous death metal subgenres, especially slam), black metal, and grunge. I also don't mind jazz and classical, but i don't actively listen to those two as frequent as the others listed.

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Alternative rock, classic rock. Whatever kids nowadays call daddy rock.

Speaking of daddy rock.....

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dance, trance and some pop music that has a positive feel good vibe

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I don't know. I kind of like everything. If I had to choose, I suppose rock and classic rock.

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Indie and folk.

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Metal, rock, and video game music.

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I tend to go for new wave/post punk bands. Those bands that are kind of pop, kind of dance-y, kind of synthy.

I'm a sucker for "of the moment" indie rock bands, and have liked every band on the NME tour. That should help you understand.

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Which is a bit odd becuz there was a time where i didnt pay much attention to it, and even tho it is the one that captures my attention the most now, I hate the immense amount of shit that comes out constantly in the current generation.

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Hippie confirmed.

Edit: not that there is anything wrong with that.

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I'm on a big acoustic kick right now, almost anything played on instruments without cables I'm into. I'm really getting into Folk, New Folk, Ska, Reggae, good Country (the kind where they're not just singing about pickups and American flags), Bluegrass, and some classic Pop Rock. I still like some of my old standbys like Alternative, Grunge, Blues, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Country Rock (especially by bands not named Lynard Skynard), Classic Rock, and a little bit of Punk Rock (mostly the kind that Punk purists don't consider Punk). I also have a couple of guilty pleasures, mostly 90's Pop Rock (Sugar Ray, Train, etc.) I generally dislike Metal and Rap, with some choice exceptions, and I can't stand mainstream Country, Modern Pop (starting about Brittney Spears' time, I like artists from right before that like Michael Jackson), and basically anything electronic (trance, techno, electronica, house, dubstep, I can't even tell the difference between these). I like Soul every time I hear it and I've been meaning to get into it for a while, and I was never that into Jazz but I've had some positive experiences lately. I ripped a couple of albums, I just haven't gotten around to listening to them yet. I do love brass, I think it comes up just short of strings in my book.

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I listen to almost everything but my favorite genre is soundtracks. Music from movies, tv, and video games are what i listen to predominately. It's the reason i'm so interested in music and sound from an engineering stand point, and why i've spend a ridiculous amount of money on "sound"

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Rap/Hipop, Rock/Metal (not oldschool metal though), some R&B /pop as well as electronic music catches my attention

Rap/Rock or R&B/Metal combos intrigue me, hybrid theory was my first album and issues(2014) is the last album i listened to

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Mostly alternative electronic music

  • Deep House
  • Nu-Disco
  • TripHop
  • Electronic Ambient
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All kinds of Metal except power Metal, a few Rock bands with good, well thought out songwriting like Alter Bridge and tool.

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Melodic death metal is my favorite, but I can enjoy pretty much any kind (except rap and country), depending on my mood.

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