What kind of car do you drive and what year is it?

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2012 Camaro here

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Currently deciding between a Lambo Gallardo or Ferrari 430.

I drive a Kawasaki Ninja - get made babies lookin'.

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My DD is a Crown Vic. This is my fun car:

The year is 2014.

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2002 Focus

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Homologated RNN14 beta from Nissan. One of 5000 ever made, quite the eye looker. That little jellybean is my daily driver though, it's an Toyota/Scion IQ. I have since put a useless (but cool looking) carbon fiber hood on it.

The RNN14, is of course, left completely stock(ish)

I also have a honda civic, a big diesel chevy (like the one in the background) to pull bikes/cars to the track, an toyota yaris and a maza 2.

Also, Did I mention bikes? Two kawii's, one is track-bike 600 and the other is an older 750, as well as a few 125-250cc motards.

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I think I have petrol in my veins in place of blood.

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2006 Honda Odyssey Touring minivan

2006 Hyundai Sonata V6 GLS sedan

2013 Nissan Rogue SV crossover

We may replace the Odyssey with an AWD Toyota Sienna.

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@jun_aka_pekto: Sienna is really nice. I want one, actually, but need to save my pennies.

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2004 MIni Cooper S

1994 Corvette

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2007 Corvette C6
2011 Fiat 500

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Lets not make duplicate threads: What type of vehicle do you drive?