What jobs pay around 15 dollars per hour? or more? without a degree?

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I'm working in rite aid right now and this job blows! too much stress and the pay is too low. 7.25 per hour. Does anyone know any other job that pays good money? like 12-18 dollars per hour? without a college degree. I don't care how stressful the job is, as long as the pay is good.

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LOL without a degree.
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My friend makes $15 an hour shoveling horse s*** at a horse barn.

So theres that.

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Construction work, especially roofing. My dad owns a roofing company, you don't need any sort of degree or certification to do it either (at least in Oregon). Guys will easily pull down 120-150 bucks in a day of 6-8 hours worth of work.

It's HARD hard work. I hated, HATED doing it when I was a teenager and my dad made me work for him... but yeah the money is good.

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Factory jobs pay pretty well. $13/hour in one where I live.
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Are you talking without a college or high school degree, limited information on this part. If you're talking about no college degree, there are plenty of places that pay for more than 15 dollars an hour. Anything in the medical field including receptionist. Construction. You can probably google some, too.
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LOL without a degree.Blackjack9288
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You can become a male masseuse... they can make like 50-100 bucks an hour if you are good at it... and if you are attractive you might get some hot females who want your business :D Prostitution is illegal in the US but if you live in the UK i hear you can make plenty of money that way, legally!
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I hear garbage men make a decent buck.
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7.25 isn't low, try making 3.20 an hour like i do. 64-67 dollar paychecks suck, but it's the best i could do since it's hard getting a job.
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Quite a few customer service/call center jobs pay 14-16 bucks an hour around where I live (Austin, TX). I know that I've been contacted for a few of them, and I don't have a degree. I do have a ****ton of customer service and sales experience, so that helps too.

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7.25 isn't low, try making 3.20 an hour like i do. 64-67 dollar paychecks suck, but it's the best i could do since it's hard getting a job. themagicbum9720

Where do you live?

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7.25 isn't low, try making 3.20 an hour like i do. 64-67 dollar paychecks suck, but it's the best i could do since it's hard getting a job. themagicbum9720
3.20? You work in a sweat shop?
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Are you smart? Then Tutoring, I got paid $30/hour tutoring math when i was in university, thus before i had my degree. The downside is I had a maximum of 10hours/week

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Lower standards of living. Really rough, man, but believe me you're not alone.

For one thing: Don't use a cellphone.

No pets. Wear a coat indoors so you don't have to heat it up. Those kind of things.

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You could try and work for the postal service. Or even trash guys make pretty decent money.
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my GFs sister works at Sheetz and they start at 8.50 and she has been there about a year and makes 10 bucks now. The place I am at now and my old job both started at 10 bucks. I used to do asbestos abatement and my regular rate was 14 plus on government jobs it went from 17 to 25 bucks depending but of course you got the safety risk of breathing in asbestos lol.
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Cars or tractors factories. USPS. can make decent money. may not make $15/hour right at first tho.
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Hourly wage LOL
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Drive a truck for the military in Afghanistan for a year. $300,000 on average.
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blah blah too much stress blah blah I don't care how stressful the job is blah blah


Make up your mind.

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So you work at rite-aid which is a job a monkey could do, and you think because it sucks you should get double what you're getting now, despite having no special skills (I assume if you had any, you'd mention them)?
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Drive a truck for the military in Afghanistan for a year. $300,000 on average.cd_rom
Adventure an excitement!? How do I sign up!?
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ITT: Everyone's a successful, self-made man on the internet.

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From what I hear, FedEx/UPS drivers and tow truck drivers make surprisingly good money. There's also plumbing and other highly skilled jobs if you're willing to get certification and do an apprenticeship.
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Factory worker or a UPS/Fed Ex worker.
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Technically music and playing sports dont require a degree. I never heard of a college that teaches basketball, just look at Lebron James.
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7.25 isn't low at all, certainly not at that age. (how old are you again?) I make 7,60 or something, soon going up as I age. FTW. It's not bad.
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Working for the government. You start off earning $14 an hour where I live.
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Go out get some certs or something that doesnt require a full degree it will probably help. Get in a trade.
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That sucks.... Minimum wage here is $10.25

Go back to school and get a degree and get a real job!

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I just started working at the Napa Distribution Center. Starting wage is 9.40 per hour. If you are working full time, you get a $1.50 raise after 6 months. In 2 years it will jump up between $15 and $18 per hour. You work monday through friday from 11am till 8pm and most of the time you stay an hour or two later. Just work till you finish. Part time you get the $1.50 raise after a year. Right now im only part time, 25hr week minimum. I have worked in pipeline construction as well, starting out full time is $14 hr with $75 a day perdium and $18 per hour overtime. I was bringing home over $2000 a month over the summer just unloading pipe and laying it down from 5am till 8pm. Very good money, plus you get a good work out. Oh and I forgot to mention about the Napa job, all you do is take items that are labeled with a number for certain stores and place the product next to a pallet. Then you scan it and shrink wrap the pallet and put it on the truck. Easy job and decent money for right now. You just need to be 18 or older.
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ITT: Everyone's a successful, self-made man on the internet.

I'm Bill Gates.
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I also worked at walmart as a cart pusher or what home depot declares it as, "lot attendent." Without a doubt the worst job i've had. Dont work at walmart, $8.00 an hour with no full time available, terrible management and boring ass job. You cant even listen to music because it "distracts you" from doing your job. I was making about $720 a had about $20 for food and gas by the end of the month. I drive a **** 1997 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.2l 318, i get 10mpg and my work was 7 miles away.. If i were you, and if you are about the same age as me, either get into pipeline construction and make about $42,000 a year starting out and get certified to run the equipment, making $23-$35 hr, go to college and get a degree in something like criminal justice or if you are into cars, be a mechanic. There is also the Military. My buddy is in the army and doesnt pay for food or rent, has an apartment on the base, you keep about $1200 in your pocket starting out and start ranking up making more. My dad was in the marines for 22 years, Rank: Master Seargent e-8 and was making about $65,000 year. A family member of mine quit school his sophomore year and works as a deisel mechanic, no certifications or anything and now manages his own crew and makes bank. There are a few options for you and hope all goes well.