What is your opinion of people who put "Coexist" stickers on their car

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#51 Posted by EJ902 (14425 posts) -
I've never seen one on a car but they look ugly as sin
#53 Posted by chilly-chill (8902 posts) -

I've never seen one until this thread..

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#55 Posted by themajormayor (24494 posts) -
What coolbeans said
#56 Posted by Saturos3091 (14938 posts) -
Coexisting is a fine idea. Too often though, people with that on their bumpers really mean "lets not criticize the beliefs of others because we may upset them. Now that is complete horsesh*t.Rhazakna
This is pretty much how I feel about them. Also if you put them on your car there's a good chance you're driving a beater.
#57 Posted by MudoSkills (362 posts) -
If you're going to put a sticker on your car at least go for something that looks nice. I know what's it's trying to say but it looks like someone in the design department just vomited wingdings.
#58 Posted by WiiCubeM1 (4730 posts) -

Meh. I've never personally seen one.

#59 Posted by LJS9502_basic (153045 posts) -
What coolbeans saidthemajormayor
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[QUOTE="themajormayor"]What coolbeans saidLJS9502_basic

Yeah, he should have quoted me. I forgot what I said.

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[QUOTE="LJS9502_basic"][QUOTE="themajormayor"]What coolbeans saidcoolbeans90


Yeah, he should have quoted me. I forgot what I said.

He's left me in suspense.:(
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>checks to see what post was

>sees it is gone

>checks inbox


oh my

#63 Posted by Maniacc1 (5354 posts) -
They want people to coexist.
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#66 Posted by Capitan_Kid (6641 posts) -
I dont get it. Whats a coexist bumper sticker mean
#67 Posted by TrainerCeleste (1633 posts) -
Tolerant People, or someone who wanted to have stickers on their car
#68 Posted by supern0va9 (35 posts) -

Religion should be abolished; of course, the next best thing would be all the religions living in peace.