What is the BEST war movie you have ever seen?

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#101 Posted by Jackc8 (8500 posts) -

I guess Battle of the Bulge has always been a favorite of mine because of its drama, great characters, and there's so much going on. Heroes of Telemark is also great. I love all the snowy Norwegian scenery and the story is pretty good too. Oh and Force 10 From Navarone. It's got a nice sense of humor about it I enjoy.

I'll have to watch Where Eagles Dare again one of these days, that was really good too.

#102 Posted by Diablo-B (4051 posts) -
The lord of the rings Trilogy. I know its technically not one movie but I didn't see them when they came out. I watched them after they all came out back to back. About 10ish hours to watch all 3 together. So I see it as one long epic movie.
#103 Posted by WolfattheDoor34 (3278 posts) -
I think one of the qualifications of a "war film" is that the film can't be more easily placed into another genre - like, you know, fantasy
#104 Posted by Tofayel (13 posts) -
War And Peach
#105 Posted by Verge_6 (20282 posts) -
I guess Battle of the Bulge Jackc8
Not going to say you shouldn't enjoy it (I like Behind Enemy Lines for Christ's sake), but I never could stand that one. I can handle deviation from history to add panache and cool points to a film, but BotB took it to whole new heights. The whole cannon train bit (featuring a steam locomotive going 80mph on a line with obvious guide wires for electric engines), the Kursk-style tank battle that never happened taking place in a large, open desert that's expected to pass for the Ardennes, the fuel dump scene, King Tigers making up the entirity of the armored offensive...it goes on. Also, it's the most blatant example of the "take any tank and slap on grey paint and an iron cross; insta-Tiger!" trope. And unlike most films, they make it go both ways, with M-24 Chaffees posing as Shermans.
#106 Posted by almoalgam (81 posts) -

Saving private ryan and i dunno if this one's reasonable , inglourious basterds

#107 Posted by xerxes5678 (4702 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan.

We Were Soldiers.

Black Hawk Down.

Inglourious Basterds.

#108 Posted by CKYguy25 (2180 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan

#109 Posted by Bubble_Man (3095 posts) -

Though most of it took place in bootcamp, I'll stretch things out a little and say Full Metal Jacket.