What is the BEST war movie you have ever seen?

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#51 Posted by pie-junior (2821 posts) -
Platoon. No contest for me. honourable mention to Waltz with bashir.
#52 Posted by leviathan91 (7763 posts) -

saving private ryan but my all time favorite is probably full metal jacket. i also enjoyed jarhead


I completely forgot about Jarhead. Although, would it be considered a war film? It's basically a bunch of marines wanting to kill but never getting the chance.

#53 Posted by BossPerson (9432 posts) -




#54 Posted by pie-junior (2821 posts) -
noone mentioned Taegukgi. Where is the FAU when you need it
#55 Posted by BatCrazedJoker (1978 posts) -
I do not really have a favorite war movie.
#56 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -
come and see. it's just as much a horror movie as it is a war movie.
#57 Posted by Stevo_the_gamer (42577 posts) -

Probably this.


#58 Posted by Saturos3091 (14938 posts) -


The Thin Red Line and Apocalypse Now are valid picks as well. Saving Private Ryan is vastly overrated just like Tom Hanks.

#59 Posted by bnarmz (1425 posts) -
Glory, Behind enemy lines, and Hamburger Hill.
#60 Posted by Wasdie (49515 posts) -

I would say it's a mix of Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Letters from Iwo Jima, Blackhawk Down, and Saving Private Ryan.

Yeah, I like the modern stuff.

#62 Posted by edd1337 (18 posts) -

Midnight Clear is pretty good

#63 Posted by nunovlopes (2603 posts) -

Apocalypse Now


This one is the best, no question. In the words of Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse Now is not a movie about Vietnam, Apocalypse Now is Vietnam.

I'm talking about the original version here, not the Redux version, which is just too long and drags too much.

The Thin Red Line and Platoon are close seconds.

#64 Posted by drinkerofjuice (3159 posts) -
Paths of Glory. I shall also recognize Come and See for its effectiveness.
#65 Posted by TonyDanzaFan (2973 posts) -
Full Metal Jacket.
#66 Posted by Zeviander (9503 posts) -
- Full Metal Jacket - Taegukgi - The Great Escape (1963) - A Bridge Too Far - Letters From Iwo Jima
#67 Posted by BossPerson (9432 posts) -

Idk, something about black hawk down, its just too......"brodude"

Great soundtrack though.

It's also propaganda, but so is a lot of things.

#68 Posted by Postal_Guy (2643 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan (when I dont count Band of Brothers because its technically not 1 movie)

A Bridge Too Far comes close second (I watched this the other day and am still amazed about how good it looks for its time)

#69 Posted by Solid_Link22 (5591 posts) -


This for me as well
#70 Posted by Phaze-Two (3444 posts) -

Paths of Glory

#71 Posted by Phaze-Two (3444 posts) -

Paths of Glory. I shall also recognize Come and See for its effectiveness.drinkerofjuice

i saw come and see a couple weeks ago, really enjoyed it.

#72 Posted by harashawn (27599 posts) -


Only seen Private Ryan.............


You have never seen 'Band of Brothers'.................... OMG thats sad. WATCH IT! YOU FOOL!

Nah.......Gonna pass on it............

Not a movie person..........

Well, you're in luck because it's actually a TV series.
#73 Posted by shadowkiller11 (7953 posts) -

Letters from Iwo Jima I ain't watched Apocolyspe Now but I want to.

#74 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24233 posts) -

Oh gosh there are so many...


...but Battleground (1949) is definitely one of the more underrated ones out there.

#75 Posted by -Tish- (3620 posts) -


Unrelated, but I'm watching Memento right now and I just noticed your username.
#76 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (15885 posts) -

Zulu Dawn is my favorite war movie.

Runner-ups would be:

Das Boot

Battle of Midway



#77 Posted by gameofthering (10075 posts) -



#78 Posted by bnarmz (1425 posts) -
"Troy" was pretty good too.
#79 Posted by OmenUK (3302 posts) -

World War II
"One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing"1942
"The Dambusters"1955
"The Longest Day"1962
"633 Squadron"1964
"Tora! Tora! Tora!" 1970
"Das Boot" 1981
"Saving Private Ryan" 1998

"Apocalypse Now" (1978)
"Full Metal Jacket" (1987)
"Born Of The Fourth Of July" (1989)
"Casualties Of War" (1989)

Desert Storm:
"Jarhead" (2005)

#80 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (6221 posts) -


Stalingrad or Platoon I assume. Full Metal Jacket is not bad either.

#81 Posted by blue_hazy_basic (27306 posts) -

Impossible to narrow down to just one, so here are my favorites;













Wasn't a fan of Black Hawk Down and haven't seen Tae Guk Gi but thats a great list verge, I'd have included Platoon and (if they count) Schlinders list and Empire of the Sun.
#82 Posted by radicalcentrist (320 posts) -

Well since we're including miniseries', I say that Band of Brothers and Generation Kill are about tied.

#83 Posted by redstorm72 (4515 posts) -

Letters from Iwo Jima or Saving Private Ryan. Also, War of the Worlds is one of my favorite movies, but I guess sci-fi doesn't count:P

#84 Posted by Ballroompirate (22164 posts) -

Honestly it's a toss up for me Platoon, We were Soldiers and Black Hawk Down.

#85 Posted by lowkey254 (5904 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan

#86 Posted by Verge_6 (20282 posts) -

Wasn't a fan of Black Hawk Down and haven't seen Tae Guk Gi but thats a great list verge, I'd have included Platoon and (if they count) Schlinders list and Empire of the Sun.blue_hazy_basic

BHD was a bit "oorah" (it kinda had to be if the US armed forces were gonna lend a dozen UH-60s, otherwise we'd have been left with Huey Down), but the pacing and handling of a multitude of characters was handled very well. And I highly suggest seeing Tae, it has one of the best strafing attacks I've ever seen.

#87 Posted by cfstar (1979 posts) -
The Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan.
#88 Posted by Phaze-Two (3444 posts) -



Wasn't a fan of Black Hawk Down and haven't seen Tae Guk Gi but thats a great list verge, I'd have included Platoon and (if they count) Schlinders list and Empire of the Sun.

I wasn't aware we were going to list every war movie we enjoyed. this guy was clearly trying to show off his taste in movies. lol its okay though, he does have good taste.

#89 Posted by ShadowMoses900 (17081 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan was amazing, I also enjoyed "The Flowers of War". It stars Christian Bale who is visiting China just before the Japanese attack Nanking, he finds a church with kids in it and he able to keep them from harm because he is a westerner and the Japanese military will not harm them at that point in the war.

Very good film, even though there are no subtitles when they speak Chinese, you can still understand what is happeneing in an odd way. It also has an absolutely beautiful lead female actress, my God was she breath taking...

#90 Posted by Laihendi (5800 posts) -
Return of the King.
#91 Posted by hydr0_32 (420 posts) -

It's a tie between Full Metal Jacket and Platoon

#92 Posted by Optical_Order (5100 posts) -

It's not a movie, but Band of Brothers is the best war related thing I've seen.

#93 Posted by eNT1TY (988 posts) -
Platoon, Braveheart, Charlie Wilson's War, Full Metal Jacket. Those are the cream of the crop imo. Honorable mentions to Forrest Gump for being a better war movie than 95% of war movies without being a war movie.
#94 Posted by JDWolfie (1851 posts) -



MV5BMTk3MzgwOTUzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNzc3 Probably my favorite here.



#95 Posted by alim298 (1102 posts) -

Braveheart. I sometimes wonder what would I say when lying on the torture table...


#96 Posted by mariokart64fan (19348 posts) -

full metal jacket forest gump or -the thin red line

#97 Posted by Kevlar101 (5993 posts) -
#98 Posted by SaintLeonidas (25848 posts) -
The Thin Red Line
#99 Posted by WolfattheDoor34 (3278 posts) -
#100 Posted by OmenUK (3302 posts) -

lol @ the majority of people ignoring anything from the allied side of the war that's not american.