what instrument(s) do you play?

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I play the Bass (4 years), and the Guitar (6 i think), i can hold the rhythm on the Drums but that's about it, also would like to learn how to play the Saxophone, and Trumpet.

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Guitar and harmonica.

@SexyJazzCat said:

I tried teaching myself how to play acoustic guitar. I didn't last very long.

It just takes practice. If you commit to playing every day, even for just a half hour, you'll be getting better before you know it. Especially with acoustic, since you're mostly doing chords (unless you play classical) all you need is the muscle memory and the reflexes which just come with time.

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And clever.

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Bassoon and tenor saxophone.

That's putting it simplistically. I've played a ton of instruments, but the above two and oboe/English horn are my favorites.

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I use to play piano for two years.

Now I play the guitar...

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I play bass and guitar, however I don't play bass like a conventional rhythm-oriented bassist would (although I can). I tend to mess around with chromaticism and essentially walking all over the fretboard, imitating some jazz musicians. I also like to play the main melody on bass rather than guitar. As long as you have the strings to back it up, it makes for an interesting, organic-sounding attack.

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@Saturos3091: I like doing that with my guitar - irritate others with my dancing fingers playing almost till the opening of the guitar back to the first fret... But honeslty I make more music than noise.

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Guitar and drums. Better on the guitar. I really should play more than I do. :(

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I learned how to play recorder and trumpet in middle school and was in band 5th and 6th grade. I will start playing again in a year or so.

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@I_Am_Dominic: I don't usually play it like that exactly, but that can be fun to do for sure. Noise is quite interesting music. I usually stick to some unconventional chords mixed with a solid groove.

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I used to play the piano, trumpet and violin (not brilliantly), but I haven't touched any of them since...2005ish, just before high school got more serious.

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I used to play trombone, but I haven't done so in years.

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Guitar...if I could play it.

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@Saturos3091: :) #True

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I drum for a few hours every day.

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I played the piano. Right now I don'r play any instrument :(

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Well my wife is quite proficient at playing the skin flute.

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I play the skin flute.

lol this