What do you think the rest of 2013 will be like?

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#1 Posted by gamerguru100 (11897 posts) -

I'm thinking it's just gonna be SSDY with a few exceptions. 

I think it's gonna be basically the same as 2012 (continuing wars in the Middle East and Africa, major natural disasters making the news, mass shootings, another iPhone and iPad, etc.) alongside more US states allowing gay marriage and stricter gun control. 

#2 Posted by TheWalkingGhost (5503 posts) -
As long as I get rich and a hot wife...That's it.
#3 Posted by konvikt_17 (22378 posts) -

Same Shit, Different Day

#5 Posted by gamah_killah (13020 posts) -
More challenging than last year when I look at my upcoming classes for the next semesters.
#6 Posted by Meinhard1 (6789 posts) -

Just another year of waiting for 1919 rootbeer to be invented...

Oh wait, I'm off by a century... obviously! 

Sorry, awkward mistake. :?

#7 Posted by indzman (20406 posts) -

Hope i get a g.f in 2013 :(