What do you think of Zoos?

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#51 Posted by ghoklebutter (19327 posts) -
I don't have a problem with zoos, and I certainly don't judge people who like zoos, but personally, I feel really sad when I see all of those animals in cages.
#52 Posted by fl4tlined (4134 posts) -
all I know is that i went to the Hershey park zoo and it was one of the most depressing things i ever saw
#53 Posted by Wolfetan (7522 posts) -
Let's all goo to the zoo!KiIIyou
#54 Posted by xdude85 (4344 posts) -
I hate the zoo.
#55 Posted by soulless4now (41370 posts) -

I like them minus the fact the LA Zoo smells like sh!t right at the entrance and by the food places...