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The genocide of whites in south Africa.

http://www.genocidewatch.org/images/South_Africa_2013-10-xx_SA,_where_corruption_is_normal.pdf (copy and paste the links and they work)

Taking power from the white man, as it turned out, did not automatically result in utopia. Passing laws forbidding companies from hiring whites did not solve black unemployment. Legislating higher minimum wages did not make people wealthier. Forcing companies to become black-owned did not magically create a better, fairer economy.

Promising free houses to the masses did not fix homelessness. More welfare, it turned out, led to more single parenthood, more fatherless families and more poverty. Requiring schools to hire black teachers first, regardless of qualifications, did not improve the quality of education. Mandating black police forces did not reduce crime. Black law enforcement did not decrease exploitation. In many cases, the new laws have made things worse.

The most dangerous us city's.

10 Newburgh, NY 26% White (3 Major Racial groups, White, Black, Mexican)

9 Oakland, CA 26% White (5 Major Racial groups, White, Black, Mexican, Other Latino, Asian)

8 Chester, PA 17% White (75% Black)

7 Bessemer, AL 28% White (70% Black)

6 Detroit, MI 8% White (83% Black)

5 Saginaw, MI 28% White (3 Major racial groups, White, Black, Latino)

4 West Memphis, AR 34% White (64% Black)

3 Camden, NJ 12% White (48% Black, 30% Puerto Rican)

2 Flint, MI 36% White (57% Black)

1 East St. Louis, IL <1% White (98% Black)


Whites becoming minority In their own countries.



A white country recognizes the problem

For decades now, whites have found a way to “live with” a system in which we, as a race, have no future. Unless the present political, economic, and cultural system is destroyed, whites will become extinct in all of our homelands, and we will be replaced by non-whites. We are being subjected to a slow, cold process of genocide. Yet we’re managing to “live with it,” because we are narcotized and distracted by individualism, careerism, consumerism, hedonism, and all-round selfishness.



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Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, but White countries for everyone

anti-Whites all agree that Africa belongs to Black people, and the various mixed-race Muslim groups in North Africa. So when White people in the past, or the Chinese today move into Africa so much that Black people become a minority – anti-Whites all agree that’s wrong.

Similarly, anti-Whites all agree that Asia belongs to Asian (Oriental, and Indian) people.

Anti-Whites will never go to these countries and campaign so millions of immigrants can pour into a non-White country and “diversify” some of the homogenous non-White countries, such as Japan which is 98.5% Japanese, as well as a first world country.

Africa would benefit from millions of Asian or South American immigrants to do the work that Africans don’t want to do, or can’t do. But, anti-Whites don’t object to the fact that millions of non-Black immigrants moving in Africa would eventually make Africa minority Black.

So you see, open borders policies only ever apply to White countries. White countries are not meant to be for a specific group of people, anti-Whites say. They say that all White countries today are meant to exist for an idea – not a race or group of people.

It is very ironic that democracy is one of the ideas anti-Whites claim “Western” (White) countries should exist for. It’s ironic because they ignore the opinion of the majority of people, and go ahead and promote this “mixed race melting pot of diversity”, where White countries used to be.

Black countries exist for Black people. Asian countries exist for Asians, but White countries are for everyone? That’s genocide

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what the hell?

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What the fuck is this?

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What the fuck is this?

exactly what i was thinking, hahahah.

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It's spreading the word, do with it what you will. I'm surprised how many people don't care. People will care when were on the verge of being wiped out, and our countries are like south Africa.