What do you think of King of the Hill?

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I think it is great. Funny situational humor and one of the best animated shows of the decade. Your thoughts?

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Took me a while to appreciate the show. I thought it was pretty dull when I was younger, but now I love most of its humor. I think it has some of the best white people humor of anything I've seen.

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I enjoyed it when I watched it back in the day.

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King of the Hill gave me glance into my manager's life outside of work.

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I think you should check this thread.

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hilarious show i love it.

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Thats my purse!

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Haven't watch the show in years, but from what I remember it was quite good and funny. I love the art-style aesthetics of it especially.

My plans are to buy complete series of many comedy shows (South Park,Seinfeld,Friends,etc.) I might pick up the King of the Hill complete series. Just maybe.

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haven't watched it sense my Jr. High days so I was probably too young to appreciate it. There were some moments where comedy gold was produced. I remember laughing at a lot of what Bobby did b/c he reminded me a lot of my youngest brother.

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I think it's a great show. I miss that show. :(

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I tell yuh wut

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@Motokid6 said:

Thats my purse!


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One of my favorite shows of all time. I've prolly seen most of the episodes at least 15 times if not more.

Edit: My only gripe with the show is there's a few times where they randomly change the character backgrounds. I still can't figure out why they did that...

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Love it. Wish Fox would clean house with all the Seth McFarlane crap and bring it back.

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@TruthTellers said:

Love it. Wish Fox would clean house with all the Seth McFarlane crap and bring it back.

Or at least bring back Mike Judge and crew.

Crowd-funding needs to take over the making of television series. It's unfortunate FOX has such a tight grip on the Firefly IP.