What did you buy FOR YOURSELF for Christmas?

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#-49 Posted by narlymech (947 posts) -

A couple cheap games, planning to shop at Academy with a giftcard I got.

#-48 Posted by Shottayouth13- (6879 posts) -

Nothing :/

Pretty much saved all of my money.

#-47 Edited by mems_1224 (48990 posts) -

I bought myself a few games for my birthday/christmas because only two people bought me things :(. My brother got me Link Between Worlds and my friend got me Rome II. I bought myself a year of PS+, NCAA 14, Brothers, Papers Please and Cook Serve Delicious. Plan on getting a few more during the Steam sale if they actually put things I want on sale.

#-46 Posted by carlandcarl (1249 posts) -

Bought myself a bunch of games on the steam sale. Felt nice

#-45 Edited by -Toshy- (1358 posts) -

So far just games on steam sale. Will likely buy a scarf and a nice visit to a psychologist. 2014 will be a neat year.