What are your thoughts on Hypnosis OT???

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Have you ever been hypnotised or been to a show where others were presumably hypnotised if so what did you make of it?

I've only ever seen it on telly and I must say it looks totally unbelievable to have such power over another human being and make them do crazy ass shit.

But then I think there must be something to it if guys like Paul McKenna can keep releasing these hypnotherapy dvd's and apps like the hypnotic gastric band.

What you reckon OT?

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people fall for shit really easily

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Only useful in conjunction with Dream Eater

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this one time at band camp.....

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I believe it's real to an extent. I think that through the subconscious we can access things we may not be able to normally and change behavioral patterns with subconscious suggestion. But the stuff they do on stage is complete bull at best and is all done for entertainment. It's a stage show, nothing more. Mind control is not real.

I am interested in past-life regression though, that sounds neat.

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The power of suggestion is very real. There is no "magic" its just a clever use of body language and words to ease those that are susceptible into a state of hypnosis. You will notice Derren Brown who is a master of these techniques actually spends a long time denouncing "magicians" and those who "communicate with the dead" preferring to admit openly and honestly that it is suggestion and trickery.

I saw Derren Brown hold a pretend seance where he communicated with the audiences deceased so easily he brought them to tears, only to reveal at the end it was again....nothing more than suggestion. The audience essentially deceived themselves.

Mind control is very very real. Its just not magic.

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I have none.

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It doesn't work.

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When I was on a field trip back in middle school a guy attempted hypnosis on me, but it was ineffective. I just couldn't deceive myself into doing that guys bidding...

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It requires a lot of faith

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It's as real as people being open to suggestion.

Some are susceptible to it, most aren't.

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I believe in it as much as I believe in Freddy Kruegar.

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@xeno_ghost: I've heard that if you want it to happen, you have to be willing to let it happen to you.