"We want the old site back!!" petition, sign here.

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The new site absolutely sucks. If you want the old site back, or something similar, post a comment. Each comment equals a sign. There are no limits to your comment. If you dont want change, dont post

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At the moment, this site is so slow.

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Talk about over-reacting.

Seriously, the site isn't as bad as you guys are making it seem (I actually really like it), and it was just released, they'll get the bugs down in no time.

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@Dudersaper: Will they bring back the missing forums and change the ui in no time?

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Its already become so much smoother since the beta access its clearly being worked on. Everybody moans when a website changes...see facebook for an example. Now ask a group of people what the old facebook was like and its unlikely they could recall the first thing about it. The forums are the worst part at the moment partly because people dont have avatars yet and it lacks colour but its just a matter of time.

Dont like it there are other forums.

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Stop complaining.

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That isn't going to happen.....

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It's just a website man.

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It is a bit slow at the moment. But suck it up, you'll get used to the new design.

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Na thing have to change.. i like new stuff.... altho abit upset that i lost my profile pic ( as i cant remb where to get it from again , but what ever)

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There are some changes I really don't like. like how the post history is done now, the old one was MUCH better. Old sigs were better too and the site is a bit too slow right now

But overall you're completely over reacting. it's not THAT bad

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Amateur hour at GS. This site should never gone online like this. The new forums are a disaster. If it isn't broken, break it.

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This place takes some getting used to. There are some things I don't like.

I don't like how my posting history is displayed now. I rather have a list of topics instead of posts. And I also don't like the layout in topics themselves. The posts should be centered instead of aligned to the left. And why did they get rid of emoticons?

I do like the text editor, it's much improved.

Overall it's not as bad as I thought it would be, but there is definitely room for improvement.

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I'll sign but only because I miss the Sports board. >_>

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It's just a website man.

nice lol

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I like the new site better. No annoying gif sigs.

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I don't have anything positive to say about this interface. It's bad in just about every way I can think of. 100's of game ratings I had have gone completely missing. My profile seems to have been completely gutted. I don't know what to say but it just feels so amateur for a business to erase their customers records and go on about business as usual afterward. Meh, I probably won't come back to this site very often, I'm really disappointed.

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@Aljosa23 said:

I like the new site better. No annoying gif sigs.

This. Who needs to look at or post the same pic or gif with every post?

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Did someone say Gif?

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This new site doesn't give me much reason to stopping by, for now anyway.. old site was much better.

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You know that these sort of petitions basically never work correct?

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How do I quote people

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Because internet petitions are so effective. :)

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How do I quote people

If you're serious, you hover over to the far-right part of the message you want. There's Reply, Quote, and flag.

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Yeah, I might complain about it but it's really not that serious.

Stop being an entitled brat.

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The first couple petitions we had before the site change didnt work.

what makes you think this will work?

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I really don't see any improvement with the new site structure. This new site does not provide the same ease of use as I enjoyed from the old site. Most of the things I cared about were one click away on the old site. Now I don't even know if the features I once used are even available. I am confused as to why they did this.

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I just want the Unions back! I could find my friends easily because the unions is where they would be.

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This is better

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Yeah, I might complain about it but it's really not that serious.

Stop being an entitled brat.

He's NOT entitled, hence he has to put up with a site he doesn't want.

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@capaho said:

Amateur hour at GS. This site should never gone online like this. The new forums are a disaster. If it isn't broken, break it.

The engineers have followed a Lean Startup cycle and delivered a fine minimum viable product. With the new architecture it will be more easy to add in new boards and features that are currently missing than updating the previous architecture which was 17 years old.

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What a bunch of pansies, its only been a day or two, lol .. Give it time to sink in dang !


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the old site was great... this one is reason for me not to get in again...

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I don't want the old site back. I want them to fix this new site and bring back functions from the old site that are missing.

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I know there's a decent amount of people who miss the old site, but I say just give this a fair chance to get the kinks all worked out. As far as petitioning to return to the original site, I hate to be the one to say this and I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm afraid it's simply not going to happen. Just give it some time--that's all we ask.