WAYR: RIP Vince Flynn edition.

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Not sure if many people know this but Vince Flynn passed away today after a fight with prostate cancer. He's known for his excellent Mitch Rapp series and for the stand-alone book in that same universe, Term Limits. So in honor of this great author, what are you guys reading?

Since I took a break from his Mitch Rapp series I've decided to go back and start reading American Assassin.

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Wow, that's sad to hear, and at age 47, very young still


RIP :(

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Wow, that's sad to hear, and at age 47, very young still

RIP :(


Way too young. :(

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Just finished up 'The Searchers - The Making of an American Legend' last night and it was pretty damn good reading. The chapters dealing with the actual events the movie was based on weren't obviously quite as thorough as 'Empire of the Summer Moon'. But it did add some interesting and sobering points as well as dig into all the aspects that came together to make the film. 

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dying is lame

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dying is lame


I normally don't like you but I'll agree with this.

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I just started reading "A Feast For Crows" the other day. About 50 or so pages in.
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I don't really enjoy reading books.

I prefer burning them.


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Only 47 too. Cancer really affects everyone. My girlfriend friend is struggling with leukemia and shes only 19yo. I have been an active volunteer for American Cancer Society for many years and met the head ACS person for the UMASS hospitals. it seems that there have been some big budging issues a few years back
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I haven't read any Vince Flynn books. I may have to check some of those out.

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of Mark Twain lately. I got a big book of Twain that'll probably take me a while to read.