Wartanks or Tank Warfare 2? World of Tanks Comparison Review idea.

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What if world of tanks became a legend? Take away the microsoft stuck in 1999 gameplay of thinking, and harness a graphics engine akin to bad company 2? However you look at it though, the game has depth &complexity that no other game rivals yet the graphics lack in immersion. Basically its a 3d strategy sim game to me, which is why its soo fun. The fact is, people want to see this immersion in their gameplay somtimes. World of tanks has everything except this one element. With the exception of things needed in world of tanks to make it not so betaish or not have the unreleased mods (called packages in console versions i think :( I think they have teamspeak though not sure about that either)...a snow stage (with like a tank paint job tool), soviet class (i think they hav it), and maybe extra vocals (masking your voice isnt hard, even i can do it). This idea could end the series without releasing a world of tanks 2 game or upgrd. Dead island has this immersion as well, its where you take a game's elements away from the graphics such as third person not being available. Also these elements would be able to let the player fight with elite enemies such as level 30 tanks or watever if damage is done via pts or the basic hit-and-miss armor point system. Given the state of technology these days, (ie dead island looked like it could be a 12gig game, yet it was a mere 3.2 gigs..without a hint of mistakes how that german company did it? idk) ps4 and xbox 360 can def do it. It works, but one doesn't see this in simulators. Actually even fps has gotten rid of this element since the years past, I have not seen it in most games such as the later battlefield games (1942 battlefield had it so you could only have nazi weapons, if you were on the nazi side etc...they super-imposed this with other immersive factors eg fast gameplay equates to a dif style..bottom line is my idea hasn't been done). Imagine playing a tank game with the thinking elements of strategy in 3d akin to say command and conquer zero hour? Now imagine playing it in an environment like kursk, okay so you have a game like world of tanks now, or say...tank warfare 1 released (eg tank warefare 2:modern tanks would probably have something like iraqi stages). Here's why. Now Imagine the elements of immersion, or having the graphics of bad company 2 in modern tanks or past tanks (it doesn't matter, its only an idea). So no player can get a t-50 on their side, unless they steal it during the game...no player can get a german panzer unless they take it, so it would even have that bad company 2 feel of immersion kind of, but more with only tanks. Maybe even have a certain element in the tanks, like the t-50 had its superiorities in armor, as did the tiger tanks in long range. Imagine totally infiltrating the real world's technological vulnerabilities in modern warfare. What is interesting is the games physics, with exploding shells being able to penetrate tough armor when armor piercing ones can not. Even if they do little damage, hitting a turret on a super heavy is better than nothing. Prussian 'chess-like' tactics combined with real world elements and you get a T-90 against a Sheridan or a T-50 against a Sherman using the battlefield bc2 engine & maybe a series called 'Tankwarfare' would be invented. Now put in fast gameplay along with those 3d graphics and destructible environment akin to bad company 2. Now that's a fun wargame. In the meantime, I give world of tanks a B+ if not for a comparison review of a C-


The graphics are hard to judge because well..they aren't too good. Here I will take an account of world of tanks/world of planes vs war thunder because both are so alike, however world of tanks moves so much more realistically than war thunder, the plane portion of warthunder takes the cake. Its one of those things with the interface that I have qualms about. The fact that you can't team play, or the fact that you can't upgrd quickly like in war thunder. However well wot moves, its extension, wop doesn't feel right..like how warthunder's tank extension feels too clunky and obtrusive...with terrain to boot, so does wop feel too slow. What makes warthunder better though is infact that you can have many planes in one match fight out a 20min duel, and you can only use the tanks of that particular army. Fairly complex indeed. However, like how over-g was ruined via added the acecombat storyboard on a realistic flightsim...so is warthunder ruined a little by being overly simplistic and not being able to use 20th ce 7th gen fighters(having the same gameplay as wot/wop). Yes, I'm asking for too much, but hey...would you want over-g with stealth f-35 fighters or warthunder/wop with propeller planes..and once u get a mig, u can easily get shot down by these so called planes. To be honest the perfect game would be overg graphics/physics/gameplay (minus storyboard) with the warthunder interface. All these games just become too repetitive and u end up paying for the good vehicles anyways. Just a few hints on a atomic thunder game or some type of sequel. As for the interface, its on target with war thunder beating wot/wop via quicker upgrades.

Improvements for the game...(interface cont).

World of Tanks needs team match and maybe like a squad only group chat like in bf bc2, it would be more competitive with a bully factor of course. They may even need an experimental King Emperor tank for the next japanese tanks upgrade (lol, jk). The american tanks have strong cannons at short range, you will notice realistic functions with the german tanks long range as well (jpanzer upgrd anyone...goodbye superheavy!), however the soviet class is still the best with the t34 being a rapid fire and quickly guided vehicle jus' like in the real war. Yet these types of games are so up to date they need to be that way or they will have that feel of losing its replay value so maybe I am just getting old. One thing they can improve on is the tank teams. Warthunder has tank teams yet the feel is too realistic and out of place, putting the players in a somewhat hostile environment which is more mission orientated. Whilst the plane flying theme works, the tank theme suffers in gameplay. World of tanks however picks stage battles for decisive tank outcomes akin to kursk, El Alamein or the battle for france. It works injunction with the flat terrain, and the tanks to boot have a higher inventory. The tanks are better because they are more akin to their real life counter-part in function. A tank with a slanted canopy will indeed recache the shell. Whilst warthunder has the particular movement and trajectory, it does not have the enormous battlefields. One thing warthunder has is team match. World of tanks suffers greatly from this pitting random era tanks against each other and having tank players whom upgrd their skills with great advantages against other players. However, this could all be fixed if Wot could put team play, because some players are knowledgeable in weak structural points with certain tanks, even super-heavies. If random tank battles are played, then this minimizes the chance for defeat by a noob team eg a random tank battle occurs where 2 or 3 noobs are well, good players. This battle will be lost because the noobs on the other team have played alot and have super-heavy tanks. On top of that, the tanks will not do good, giving these bad players a grave advantage against weaker tanks. Pro and noob in actuality means how you move and how you intercept or hint upon an attack. In one day, I was able to lose 10 matches playing very well, and win only 3 with my best tank. If I were only on a nazi german tank formation, this would increase my chances of winning do to the bad players gaining no advantage over the good players in setting up for tank trajectory, interceptions, weakpoints or movements eg if you run into a formation of super-heavy tanks with strong armor, your light tanks can only escape, however if the light tanks are good, they will know how to effect a certain group of tanks...for instance hitting a tiger in the gas area causes the engine to burn, hitting a t-34 does not, one would run into t-34s and not tigers and most likely good players know how to retreat. It gets even better if the light tanks are upgradable giving skilled players the options to upgrd weak tanks. However, a tank enthusiast would bypass this upgradable option due to the unfairness of the game. When a player attacks a tank, it needs to retaliate. If the enemy's tank is only t-34s, the good players will know how to attack the t-34s. Given the odds, the nazi tanks would retaliate with range. The battles wouldn't be as chaotic. The tank battles would be less operational orientated as well where as the stages of wot with an historical event like kursk make it possible to happen anywhere (in japan, in china) or even change the history of civilization like it has. The vibration function could be activated when a player goes over train-tracks as well, but that's knitpicking. If you have a really weak british army with strong tanks weak armies in teamplay could overtake stronger ones. Every battle would be of this particular random scenario, so having country only tanks on one team would increase the chances of fair competition.

The Perfect tank game

On to why this game is so addictive. 1.) When upgrading tanks with armor piercing abilities, super-heavy tanks become invincible, unless you are one of the few who has accuracy well enough to know how to shoot a cannon inside the hole of the tank you have pierced. 2.) Certain tanks mimick their real life counter-parts ie the Tiger is easily damaged in its wheels, yet invulnerable when in front, the hertzer has qualities of a russian t-50, and interesting facts arise such as the stug III, is yet to be the most manufactured tank in germany with the most kills during world war ii. You can hit the armor at the same place, however I was only exagerating...you can however it the turret on those really hard to kill tanks. I even think they incorporated teamspeak, something as to why the german panzers were so effective in kill ratio during ww2. On top of that, you unlock classes and stages as you play the game more without tedious unwanted updates, waittime or downloads. Other realistic tank games I've played included Panzer Front on the Dreamcast, the 1942 and modern battlefield series, operation flashpoint and others to name a few. This game however is the perfect tank game for any tank enthusiast given the physics in the gameplay involved, to mimick its real-life counter-parts. Besides for noobs struggling in the beg of the game, their are no real knitpicks, and the battlefield simulator idea is basically given to me as an idea for games with updated graphics like comanche (a game that rivaled the best of ps1 graphics, yet came out 1991-93) or maybe the world of warplanes aka war thunder for ps4, which is incredibly advanced. My all time fav though is Over-g, with the right elements in sim gameplay, this could have been gold if not for some annoying ace combat rip-off scenarios creating an almost goofy-like scifi dystopian theme. Again I'm bringing up this other knit pick which i have about most games, to put the american tanks only on one team, and nazi tanks on another to simply add to emersion, instead of just 'play with tanks' you will have the option of feeling how accurate formations in real-life armies were really like. Its Unfortunete most games these days reverted to a robotic style of gameplay to ignore histories lessons etc. Its also unfortunate simple particle effects such as polygonal footprints in the snow, or shells falling on the floor haven't even been experimented widely as of yet. Though these knit picks are minor graphical and emmersive ones, the partical effects all seem to be there. However, it would be nice to have a team option for the tanks. Maybe even upgrd it to 'wartanks' for ps4. Personally, a real world setting akin to the rainbow six series would have done this game justice. Until then, will keep playing world of tanks.

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