Walmart is the largest recipient of Government assistance.

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Walmart employees are the largest group of Medicaid and the largest group of food stamp recipients in every state.The taxpayer pays for the earned income credit, pays for Medicaid as well as the unemployment insurance when they cut hours down.

We're basically subsidizing lower prices while picking up the tab for health care and other government assistance. Meanwhile, Walmart profits off those same low income individuals.

Alan Grayson (D-FL) points out that Wal-Mart could increase wages across the board for all levels of employment (including CEO) by 30% and still maintain it's multi-billion dollar profitability.

I absolutely agree with him.If a company is profitable and offers full-time employment, they should take better care of their employees so the government doesn't have to. That's how you properly reduce government welfare.

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Walmart also gets subsides and tax credits for the government on both the state and federal level. All this is called corporate welfare.
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Walmart is run by greedy scumbags. This isn't really news.

They'll fight tooth and nail to keep their position too.