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veg is more healthier or non-veg????

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I like to eat veg

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I'll eat anything as long as it isn't looking at me while I consume it.

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Meat is awesome. And that is that.

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I like some veg, but not all of them. Like I can't really stand carrots unless it's been cooked in soup to the point where its extremely soft and unnoticeable. I freakin' love asparagus, broccoli, string beans, bok choy, cabbage,spinach, lettuce and other vegetables as well.

I have love hate relationships with a lot of veges too, like onion lol. Can't eat it if it's cut in large pieces but love when its cut into really small cubes that I can add to soup and stuff.

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I think it's healthiest to have a mix of vegies, fruits, meats and seafood.

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"more healthier"

let's just stop right there

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@lostrib said:

"more healthier"

let's just stop right there

I'm a writer and didn't catch that? Shame on me. >_>

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Nope being a vegetarian isn't healthier. You see studies that show that vegetarians live longer and are healthier, but that isn't because they don't eat meat, it is because they follow a diet and watch what they eat. The human body is pretty great at digesting and getting the nutrients out of all kinds of food (despite what people that make money selling "health food" have made many in the public believe for years now), but if you take in more calories than you burn, you will get fat. Many people also take in too much sodium and not enough of certain nutrients found in vegetables and fruits. Vegetarians typically don't run into this issue as often.

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The question doesn't even make sense...

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i think vegetarians are a thing. not nearly as significant as it's popularity suggests, but honest and sure none the less. i have seen babies who, eventhough encouraged to eat meat, gag at the prospect of doing so.

there is a popular thought that humans weren't intended as carnivores; that the animal flesh we consume rots and festers within us before it is adequately digested. that thinking seems fishy to me. im sure there are some that do not process protein as well as others, i'll bet that isnt exactly true of everyone though.

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Veggies are good.

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Logically I have to concede that vegetarianism is both more healthy for the human body and better for the environment and to top it off frees up more food for the rest of the human race.

All that being said I like meat and have no real intention of becoming a vegetarian, but I would be willing to entertain the idea of eating less meat.

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I eat a ton of veggies. But I always have some chicken or fish with it.

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Ew, vegetables, gross.

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I'm not a vegan because my brain hasn't vegetated to the point of being so inactive that I can't eat anything but vegetable mush

I do like vegetables, but only to fill the room on my plate in between pork and beef

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I tend to have the view that unless you are eating other people then I won't try to tell you what you should eat and what you shouldn't.

In return, I expect you to do the same.

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I love vegetables as much as the next guy and I eat them regularly and in large portions too. But I can never do without meat, its too fucking good to give up.

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f you define having to take supplements to get nutrients you miss out on or are deficient, then sure.