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So with last nights episode we have come to the halfway point of the season.

Given that any possible new season will likely feature an entirely new cast, story and characters we have come to the halfway point in the story and the characters stories.

So far the show has seems much more interested in exploring the detectives lives and ruminations about the case then the actual case. Which to me is fine since the other stuff works so very well.

That last 6 minute single tracking sequence last night was really well done.

So what are your thoughts so far?

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Probably the best show currently airing on TV and one of HBO's best dramas. Last 10 minutes of last night's episode were incredibly well done, both in terms of atmosphere and camerawork.

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best show on tv imo.. HBO puts out nothing but quality shows.. that last sequence was awesome

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is this a new series?

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is this a new series?

yea. the 4th episode came on last night

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@Flubbbs said:

@-Renegade said:

is this a new series?

yea. the 4th episode came on last night

cool time to hit the torrent sites

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i only watched the first episode to see Daddario naked.

didnt really interest me otherwise

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Brilliant television.

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I am thrilled with the fact that the CSI shit is completely absent from the series.

If the cable tv keeps this level we won't cinema anymore, ever.

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Like I've said, best show in years.

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So what do you think the 2012 cops interest in cohle is?

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I wouldn't go as far as calling it the best show on TV, but it's been brilliant so far.