Top move grossing and results for weekend(Jan25th to 27th)

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Ok, so the top movie making money is: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Which happened to do quite well and still is and has the number one spot. >Wreck-It Ralph went from 18th to 23rd, losing -43.8% of last weeks profits, and lost -724 in theater count. >Skyfall Only lost -18.4% of last weeks profit and only lost 51 in theater count from last week. Falling from 20 to 22nd. >Twilgith Saga BD2 Only lost -33.9% of last weeks profit, and only lost 90 of it's theater audience from last week. not dying fast enough. falling from 27 to 31 >Rise of the Guardians Lost -33.8% of last weeks profits and lost 169 of it's audience from last week. falling from 23 to 27. >19 movies made it past the "Gold" point of $1,000,000 dollars made. >Only 24 movies made it past the profit point (gaining at least more than $500,000) _______ Top 5 movies this weekend are: 1.Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters(made:$19,690,956, ) 2.Mama:made: $13,088,145, lost -53.9%of it's profit from last week (ow) but gained 35 in audience.) 3.Zero Dark Thirty(made $9,700,132, lost -38.6% of last weeks profit, lost 17 audience in theaters.) 4.Silver Lining Playbook(made $9,444,039, lost -12.2% of it's profit from last week, but gained 118 i audience) 5.Parker(made $7,008,222) __________ Overall, Paramount and Universal Studios had the most profit numbers significantly higher than the competition with their top 2 movies. Overall, i would say that this was a most unbalanced weekend.
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This is the main thread guys sorry, GS changed my topic title somehow. (mods lock the other one. Anyway, what do you think of the results?
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It's definitely January. Nothing much going on in the box office.