Top Gear in america.

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#1 Posted by mimic-Denmark (4380 posts) -

I guees there isnt any freedom of speach in america :)

#2 Posted by Big_Bad_Sad (18243 posts) -
I saw that episode on tele the other day. It was awesome
#3 Posted by Bourbons3 (24248 posts) -
Hilarious, but sadly a reality for many guys in those parts
#4 Posted by woody998 (2719 posts) -
seen it lol.
#5 Posted by HellsAngel2c (5540 posts) -

One of the best top gear episodes.

I liked the part with the cow on Jeremy's roof. Classic

#6 Posted by nsoufiani (1829 posts) -
I wish top gear had baseball bats and really knocked them rednecks out with them. I absolutly hate that kind of attitude.
#7 Posted by zsc4 (5233 posts) -
Seen it.. but it is funny.
#8 Posted by tin_head (187 posts) -
stupid anoying redneks over reacting...its a great episode to watch mind...rednecks make me laugh
#9 Posted by GenTom (5945 posts) -
great episode but it was a stupid thing to do...looking at the state alabama sign all shot up and putting that on their cars...asking for trouble
#10 Posted by Jelle87 (1333 posts) -

I hope it isn't real, if those weren't actors once again the American stereotypes were confirmed once again. Stupid fat and bush voters

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stupid rednecks lol
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I guees there isnt any freedom of speach in america :)


You're right, when it comes to civil rights the US is years behind Europe...
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OMG, that was awsom !  :D
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Yeah Top Gear seems to "top" themselves every week, did anyone see yesterdays episode? It was awesome.