Top 5 favourite movie ending

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1. Shut down the world

Most people prefer "Escape from New York" but i'm one of the minority who prefer Escape from LA. Snake gets injected with poison with a time limit to get a device (he isn't world what it is). Soon we learn the device can turn off electrically powered devices. Upon returning, he find out he it was simply the flu. The government laughs and demand the device. Refusing, they shoot at him. But, it's a hologram, he is half a mile away. As the ultimate "fuck you" he decides to turn off all the worlds power essentially resetting civilian back to the stone age. We end with credits and the bad ass John Carpenter theme tune.


2. Kagemusha (Shadow Warrior)

At the start of the movie, a thief is about to be crucified. But, he is noticed by the brother of a clan leader. He looks exactly like him. Thus, he becomes a body double. Soon, the emperor dies. Being a prime opportunity for other clans to be aggressive, he advises his brother that the thief should stand in, pretend to be him for at least a few years, And so, in an attempt to trick other clans into believing the clan leader still lives, he stands down as a "mock" leader.

It works, until he attempts to rides the leader horse. It knows he isn't the leader and begins to act violently and aggressive. Thrown off the horse, the servants of the castle notice he lacks the leaders scar, he is found out and banished.

Earlier in the movie, he learns the meme "A mountain does not move" a philosophical moto of the clan that has helped them remain in power. He uses it in battle, ordering his men not to chase.

However, soon after he is banished the clan ignores the moto and knowing full well it's suicide, charge aggressively at lines of matchlock behind wooden walls. The entire amy decimated Rather than show the battle, it focuses for minutes on the aftermath of hundreds of dead bodies of men and horses.

The banished theif, watching in the bushes sees the aftermath, runs head long, a lone survive towards the matchlock with a yari. As the shots ring the scene quickly cuts to the thief covered in blood dying. Staggering to a river sipping water. His eyes move to something ahead, the clan flag, submerged under water. The end of the clan. he reaches out, dies. The end.


3. The Seven Samurai

After a long, brutal battle defending the village against 30 or so bandits the three remaining Samruai watch on. As the villagers plant rice, singing with joy, oblivious. The elder Ronin remarks "again we are defeated... with their land, the villagers are the victors, not us".(depending on the English translation) With the shot slowly rising up showing the grave of the other four fallen samurai.

Even though not much is said during this scene, a lot is going on. And to explain it properly would mean going over the entire movie. But what can be easily explained is the remark. In social stature, a Samurai was a Samurai and a farmer a farmer. They fight, farmers produce crop. It's the same with the bandits in the movie. Towards the end, they pretty clearly are aware they will be defeated. However, bandits are bandits and act on nature regardless of the fact they will be destroyed. In the end, the Samurai are left with nothing to show all the hardship barring four dead comrades.

Ending Scene

4. Rocky 3

Yes, Rocky again. Apollo offers to train Rocky to help overcome Clubber Lang but wants something in return. Throughout the movie he is asked a few times but never expands on what it is. After the climax with Rocky regaining the title and Clubber Lang put out to pasture we learn he wants a sparring match. Just the two of them in a ring. Apollo admits the seconds Rocky beat him by in Rocky 2 never sat right. As the first punch is thrown it jumps into a colorful still of a painting (which later appears in Rocky 6's restaurant).

Ding Ding

5, The Grey

Many people became pissed off. The trailer made it look like he would fight the wolf. Instead we got some pretentious wank for hipsters. Well, it was a pretty good scene. Previous to the end scene of all his buddies dying Liam Neeson looks the sky begging for help from god. He pauses and literally says "fuck it, I'll do it myself". Many people have commented on this being an atheist movie and it seem to me as well that what it is. Even at the end of oblivion seemingly totally and utterly fucked his reaction is "fuck it' ill give it a try anyway". He doesn't have faith in god, he has faith in himself. or something. It's profound shite.

Its der fukin den

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Shutter Island springs to mind.

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'The Game' had a really good ending. In fact that whole movie was amazing, I wish I could forget it all and see it again for the first time. Just a neat plot.

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there will be blood

the wild bunch


true grit (2010)

naked lunch

honorable mention: tango & cash :P

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Some of my favorites endings:

  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
  • Mr. Holland's Opus
  • The Dark Knight
  • Batman Begins
  • Inception
  • Field of Dreams
  • The Godfather: Part III
  • Se7en
  • Heat
  • Rocky
  • Zodiac
  • Titanic
  • Drive
  • The Road
  • Casino
  • Terminator 2
  • 3:10 to Yuma (2007)
  • The Game
  • The English Patient
  • The Wrestler
  • Capote
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1- Blade Runner
2- A Boy and His Dog
3- May
4- Saw
5-Shawshank Redemption

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Silent Hill

Revenge of the Sith

Toy Story 3

Cast Away


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there will be blood

the wild bunch


true grit (2010)

naked lunch

honorable mention: tango & cash :P

This is a good one. The start of the movie stuck out more for me. Relentless brooding. No dialogue It's like the movies giving birth or something. Freaky..

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@LoG-Sacrament said:

there will be blood

the wild bunch


true grit (2010)

naked lunch

honorable mention: tango & cash :P

This is a good one. The start of the movie stuck out more for me. Relentless brooding. No dialogue It's like the movies giving birth or something. Freaky..

the ending is pretty much perfect.

it's got so much momentum. plainview starts on the floor with eli towering over him, but the situation is completely reversed by the end. eli starts with a lie to get plainview's attention and plainview starts building his own. after a mock sermon, one of the greatest lines in film, and long line of drool, things are completely out of control. bowling balls and buckets are flying at the camera after what was a dreadfully still film. then, the little cherry on top: "i'm finished!"

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The Mist had an awesome ending. I also enjoyed Escape from L.A.'s ending and the ending for The Prisoners.

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Speaking of Prisoners, has anyone seen "Papillion" with Steve Mcqueen and Dustin Hoffman? Movie about a dude constantly trying to escape until he winds up on and island as an old man. He eventually escape and his friend (Dustin Hoffman) decides to stay behind. It's a pretty epic movie.