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Despite my experience, I'm at a lost concerning what to do

I've held a controller in my hands since 1992

But I can't get a frag, not even an assist kill at all

There's no way I'll be good at Titanfall

The game is so fast, with no chance to get my bearings

I accidentally shoot my own teammates, causing their glarings

I really am no better than one of the A.I. grunts

and I'm often the prey with those with smart pistols, the cunts

There's no real means for me to be able to practice in the game

as there's no training or single player and so I play the same

Perhaps I could look up some videos with tips on how to play

but I shouldn't have to go on YouTube to prevent being called gay

My only means of playing would be through Origin

which I have only to play Alice Madness Returns again

I know the game is popular but I don't really like Titanfall

and if the game won't help me think otherwise, why should I care at all?

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I would have gone with 'Titanfall sucks' and saved myself from writing a poem.

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Here's the cliff notes version: